SFC Cranky and Spunky


We are getting out of the monsoon season here in Okinawa. It didn’t rain much this year. But I’m glad to be dry again.

I went out on June 12, mainly to try out the new jigs from Seafloor Control. Cranky and Spunky.

PRcrankybg_enOLCranky is something between Gawky and Rector.
It’s quick to turn its head and lie on its side. Because of its characteristic cuts on the body, it’s so light to swim through the water on uplift, and it falls in random patterns on rocking motions and vibrations.

Seafloor Control Cranky (PDF Catalog) →

The standard setting for Cranky is like Rector. 200g to 230g with SJ603-6, 170g to 200g with SJ603-4, 140g to 170g with SJ603-4 SJ603-3.

The standard action for this jig is also much like Rector. You can do anything, short lift, long lift, accelerating lift, punchy lift, and all kinds of falls. But I think short lifts are the most characteristic of this jig. It’s quick to get up and lie on its side, and it seems to have a moment of being just stationary in mid-water before falling. So short lifts with that moment of stationary, and short falls and long falls.

f60bfd5a052c2ab15db341abc55cfa4f110621e6. has long-jig like properties.
The characteristics of this jig is the long slide and twirling motions. The shape is slim and long so that it carries a momentum to go straight. But It’s also got the kind of cuts on the body like Cranky does. These cuts make the action light and create random twirling.
The fall action is mainly vibrating slow fall after the slide but after a while it changes the dynamics and falls fast. It helps you to drop the jig to where you want it.

The catalog for Spunky will come out soon!

The standard setting for Spunky is a strong one. 180g with SJ603-6, 150g with SJ603-4, 130g with SJ603-4. I think High Pitch Jerker 600 works wonderful with this jig. A mild high pitch jigging.

The standard action for this jig is a strong slow pitch. Give each stroke with a punch. If that works well as to give the jig force to go sliding through the water, you see a long line slack in each pitch. That’s when the jig is swimming. Don’t bother the line slack until it’s gone and you feel the weight on the tip of your rod.
But also like in this video, I found Spunky worked well with short soft slow pitch as well.

These new jigs have the distinctive cuts on the body. I think this sets a new standard for jig shape. It makes the action light, random falling patterns, and the jig work well in the complex currents. Sato Sensei is totally confident on this.
Slow pitch jigging with SFC jigs
Ike-Jime Closing
  1. Ed Cheong
    Ed Cheong06-22-2013

    Hi Totos
    “The standard setting for Cranky is like Rector. 200g to 230g with SJ603-6, 170g to 200g with SJ603-4, 140g to 170g with SJ603-4.”
    Do you mean 140g to 170g with SJ603-3 ?

    • Totos

      Hi Ed.
      You are right. My mistake.
      It’s 140g to 170g with SJ603-3.
      Thank you!

  2. Daz

    Hi Totos
    Great captures again, the tomato cod looks delicious.

  3. Totos

    Hey Daz.
    Oh, yes. Tomato rockcod is definitely one of the most popular catches amongst the local jiggers. Beautiful sashimi, also it’s so juicy and delicious in any style of cooking!
    Do you have them in Australia?

  4. Daz

    I have never caught one but we may very well have them.
    Yesterday I foul hooked a 10kg Yellowtail king right in the middle of its side.
    I was a very long fight against a very strong current but good fun.
    Also pearl perch and snapper again……I keep forgeting to use my go-pro.

    • Totos

      Hi Daz!
      Nice to hear from you. 10kg fish on its side must have been really heavy. But nice sashimi wasn’t it?
      Glad that you’ve kept slow pitch going. If not GoPro, send me some pics! SFC people are also checking this site!

  5. Daz

    Ok will do.
    I have a pic of a nice perch and a pic of total catch.

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