Samson fish in Australia


It’s a report from Mark from Perth, Australia.
Congratulations for your personal best! 17kg Samson fish out of 50m of water.

Mark’s tackle
Rod Rod Yamaga slow pe2
Reel Reel Ducro 10
Line Shimano EX8 PE2.0
Leader Seaguar 40lb
Jigs Beat Woof 130g

Hi Totos
I had a great days fishing today so thought I would share some pictures with you. It is still closed season for our prize demersal fish here in Western Australia so I decided to go out wide in search of some pelagic fish and try and test my tackle.
After about one hours travel in really nice calm conditions I spotted some large fish on the sounder. I set up my drift and put the engine in revers, down went my 130 gram jig. It didn’t even touch the bottom and I was onto a freight train pulling away with some amazing force. I did what you said and used the reel to try and pull up the fish with the rod in the water and my thumb on the spool. After about 15 minutes of hanging over the side of my boat I had some colour and up popped a 17 kg samson fish. In all I had three fish the biggest being 17kg and without any lost tackle or fish it was time for me to rest my aching muscles and head for home.

Regards Mark

M_photo (1)

M_photo 1

M_photo 4

  1. Ben

    Nice work Mark! What a great way to test the gear! No easy feat those sambo’s. Maybe that PE2 is as good as you say!

  2. Mark

    G’day Ben
    It was a lot of fun catching such large fish on light responsive gear and allso a great confidence boost. And yes the shimano braid is brilliant stuff mate.


  3. Daz

    Awesome fish Mark.
    You could film your captures and put them on our Aus slowpitch channel on utube if you want.

  4. Dan

    Nice one Mark,
    Your Woof Woof really did the job on that one. How are you enjoying the Ducro 10?

  5. Mark crewe
    Mark crewe12-09-2013

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys. Funny you should say that Daz as I’ve been talking to my wife about getting a camera for a while now. Plus even though it took around fifteen minutes to land it’s lost in the memory bank not long after. As for the reel Dan it’s a great sturdy little thing, I have striped it down and added drag grease and lubed all the moving parts and it seams really well made and a bargain @$400.


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