Pon-Zu, the refreshing citrus sauce


imagesPonzu is an essential Japanese dipping sauce for Nabe cooking. Nabe means a pot. You put a big Nabe in the center of the table. You can put meat, fish, vegitables, Tofu, just about anything you want and boil. Everyone picks out of Nabe and eats with Ponzu dipping sauce. After having all the ingredients, the wonderful soup will be left in Nabe. You can throw in some rice there and cook for a beautiful finish.

Punzu Recipe

Ponzu is basically citrus fruits and soy sauce. You can let Konbu and Katsuo soak in it for one night for flavor. You can also put in Mirin or sugar for mildness.

5 Soy Sauce : 5 Citrus Fruit Juice : 1 Mirin


soy sauce 200cc
vinegar 100cc
grapefruit juice 100cc
mirin 40cc
konbu 5cm square

grapefruit juice can be substituted by any citrus fruits you can get. Enjoy the variations.

1Mix soy sauce, vinegar and mirin in a pot. You can put in maybe a teaspoon of sugar for mildness. Bring to boil with medium heat and put it out before boiling. This is a step to take off the edge of the flavor of soy sauce and vinegar, but you can skip it if you don’t have time.

2Let the pod cool off. Put it in a container with grapefruit juice and konbu. You can put in maybe 15g of katsuo bushi here. Let it sit in refrigerator overnight to 3 days.

3After draining konbu and katsuo bushi, you can let it age in refrigerator. I don’t know how long it can stay good. 3 months for sure. The aged, the better.

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