Snapper season hitting New Zealand


This report came in Nov 1 from New Zealand.

Sorry Jeremy, it took me a long time to uncover it from my messed-up to-do-list. The catch looks beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your snapper season in New Zealand!!


Hey Totos,

Heres a New Zealand snapper caught this weekend – 60cm and really fat!

Jig was 120g Cranky in 46 meters of water.

I also had good success on a 100g Deepliner Slow skip VB.

My rod is a Powerjig Wings 60 -150g.

Reel is a Ducro 10 – perhaps not very well known.

Line PE 1.2

We drift with a sea anchor to stay vertical as it was a little windy that day.

Thanks for all the great information!

Cheers Jeremy

  1. Adam

    Hi Jeremy, where was this? Just starting to slow jig in Northland for the first time using sub 80g jigs with a mixture of shimano and storm jigs. Would love some advice for slow jigging in NZ!

    • jeremy

      Hey Adam,

      This was in the Hauraki gulf but ive used slow pitch jigs successfully on the West Coast and the Bay of Islands recently as well. Im pretty new to slow pitch too but my advice is get some nice heavy jigs 100 – 150g for 40m plus especially if its a bit breezy. The other key thing is keeping the boat over the jig ie line vertical as Toto always emphasises! Ive caught snapper, kingfish, red snapper, trevally, albacore tuna and JDs on slow pitch so far.
      Good luck – practice makes perfect

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