Lines and Knots


Braided PE line has elevated fishing to completely another dimension.

Because PE line is so week to friction, you can’t tie PE line to metal part with enough strength. And a knot to tie PE line and the leader plays an important role. No matter how thin PE line you use, the fish can’t break the line with the straight tension so easily unless the line is damaged or it touches a rough surface.

What’s the most likely to break is the knots.

Knots are most vulnerable. Because no matter how well it’s knotted, the line loses the original strength for certain percentages at knots. You just need to be extra careful and precise in knotting your system. Especially the knot between PE line and the leader.

How much line strength can a knot maintain?


According to the study by FUZZY, who works with Mr Seikai Murakoshi of Daiwa.

Knot between PE and Leader

PR Knot

PR 024

PR Knot is the most reliable. It requires the bobbin knotter. If you whip 60 times, it’s proven to be 100%.


Here is how I make my PR Knot. It’s really not difficult once you get used to the bobbin tool. I think knowing the proper drag tension is the key. You will find it after a couple of practice.

FG Knot


If you don’t have a bobbin tool, FG Knot is your second alternative.

ダウンロード 2There’s a FG Knot assist tool by Daiichi Seiko.

Knot Assist 2.0: JPY4,500-

How to make a FG Knot with Knot Assist 2.0 →

Knot between Leader and Ring

tnknot02 tnknot 2

Sato Sensei recommends this TN Knot for tying ring with leader.
There should be a lot of kinds of knots to ring, but this one is simple to make and one of the toughest ones as it goes around the ring twice.

It’s important that the line doesn’t cross at Step 4.

After Step 9, a series of half hitches from both sides in turn. Try to make it straight. The first couples of half hitches should be really tight and then on gradually loser.



I hope you find this article informative and helpful to you!

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  1. daniel

    Hi there Totos!
    I’ve this link thats really good on how to tie an Fg knot!
    do check it out!
    from the first video the guy cross wraps the PE line onto the FC leader via his knuckles(holding the line between his ppinky and index) however i think that holding the loop between your index and thumb is way easier and this way u can also keep the wraps tighter this way! :))) just my 2 cents worth!

    • Totos

      Hi Daniel.
      Thank you for sharing the link. It makes sense. It looks easier. Being tight is a key to a good knot.
      What did you think of the second video? I thought he was a genius. Before I switched to PR knot with the bobbin, it was the way I tied my knots. I was just not good with my hands enough to do it with my fingers.

    • mario

      Do yo think that Varivas super conductor 4x is good braid for SPJigging?

      • Totos

        Hi Mario.
        I have never used this line in the field, but Varivas is a solid line maker and 4-ply line doesn’t stretch as 8-ply line. It should be good.

  2. daniel

    the second vid? hahah cant really tell whats going on… but its really smart the way he uses the reel handle to hold his line…. but on a small boat u dun have that much space… and it looks really slow!! AHHAHA

    anyway for when i do light jigging or slow jigging hahaha i cant be bothered to use a bobin… altho the PR knot is way tighter… i think for smaller fish the FG knot is more than enough! 🙂

    • Totos

      I agree that FG knot is enough. I think that important thing is to tie the knot precisely and neatly.

  3. Kitidas Punyashthiti
    Kitidas Punyashthiti02-01-2013

    For jigging, I use Tony Pena knot for the mono-PE connection. Very fast and easy to tie, no bobbin is required. There is a small overhand knot lump in the connection but it is no issue for jigging purpose.

    • Totos

      Thank you for sharing Kitidas. Yes, this knot is what I do when I have to tie a knot on the boat. I didn’t know it was called Tony Pena Knot.
      It is indeed not for a casting game, but good enough for jigging.
      I like it because it’s simple, easy, and fast.

      But I would still like to prepare at home and make PR knots. I just feel so secured with that knot.

      Kitidas, I opened the new Forum. Check it out.

  4. daniel

    in that case u can try the GT knot

    • Totos

      Thank you Daniel for another sharing. GT knot. Hmmm. Interesting. I’ve never seen it before. But it looks tight.
      When we have to tie on the boat, we don’t usually have time. And is that case, I think you would want one of these knots that’s strong and easy for you to make precisely.

      Check out the forum I just created and share your thoughts and ideas!

  5. daniel

    Hi there!

    any website where i can purchase SFC jigs or Falcon Z jigs?
    btw maybe u create another way for members to log in without using facebook in the forum!


    • Totos

      Hi, Daniel.
      Did Rakuten Global Market work for you? Did you purchase your rods there?
      Their Japanese site is great. I always use it and they have this point system that you can save a lot. But I’ve never did my shopping from the Global Market side. I hope it worked for you.
      And if it did, you can certainly find some shops carrying those jigs. Especially a shop called Amberjack. They are really tuned into Slow Pitch Jigging.
      They have Deep Liner too, which are also great slow-pitch jigs.

      As for Forum, Facebook was just a default log-in. You can login with your Google account or Yahoo account. I changed the icon to show that.
      But you need to use one of those logins, because we can’t have your personal information here.

  6. daniel

    oh ok will check it out! thks!

  7. daniel

    hmm in seems that the shop amberjack does not ship to Singapore.

    • daniel

      is Tenso reliable? the website tells me can i ship to singapore via tenso!

      • Totos

        Hi Daniel.
        I’d appreciate it if we can do this kind of talk in Forum. I’d like to sort out information for other people to see and find easily. I’d like to keep in the article page only what’s related to the article. Thank you for your cooperation.

        I’m sorry to hear that the shops on Rakuten Global Market do not necessarily export their products. That’s a shame.

        As for Tenso, I really don’t know. I’ve seen the web site, and it seems like a convenient service if it works.

        Do you want me to do the shopping for you and send it? My brother may be glad to do the job for you if you give him a little tip. If you are interested, send me a mail at

  8. daniel

    hi there totos!
    sorry for the spam
    but i cant seem to send u an email to the address u gave me above!

    • Totos

      Sorry Daniel!!! The Email is now open.

  9. werner

    hi totos, i think e very basic and simple double uni pe to mono connection works well too. i use it sometimes on e boat when i get cut during frenzy and it holds up just fine for light jigging up to pe3. its a little thick at the connection but really simple and easy to use.

    • Totos

      Hi werner. Thank you for dropping by.
      Double uni-knot for PE to Mono? Hmmm… Naaa. I wouldn’t take that. Uni Knot or Double Uni Knot is said to sustain 79% of the line strength. It’s good, but… If you are like me and you want to be ready for your record breaking fish which you might never get, you would want to make a stronger knot even by 1%!

  10. Daz

    Hi Totos
    I see in some of your pics that you have an interesting knot to tie leader to the jig- It looks almost like a plat or something.
    Can you explain what knot you are using.
    Sorry if you have already mentioned it somewhere, regards.

  11. Daniel

    ahhh its an ag chain knot! just a series of halfhitches!

  12. Daz

    Ahhh I see daniel- It did look like that, thanks.

    • Totos

      Hi Daz
      Sorry it took me a while to respond. I just updated this post for the knot between leader and ring.
      It is called TN knot, an easy-to-make and really tough knot. I’ve never had this knot broken. I use PR Knot, the toughest PE-Leader knot. But PR Knot breaks before this ring knot.

  13. Sacen

    Hey Totos

    Which braid line brand do you recommend ?

    • Totos

      Hi Sacen
      The best line on the market is Shimano Ocea EX8. It’s so sensitive and strong. EX8 1.5 is equal to normal PE2.0. This is a big advantage. PE1.5 – 600m, JPY16,170.

      The second option is Fireline. It’s very sensitivity, even though not so strong. And it does not have markers. When you are facing the fish with a thin line, it’s so important that you know how far you are from the bottom. Without markers on Fireline, you need to count your pitches and when the fish runs, you just need to give a rough estimate how long it’s dragging.

      The third option is normal PE. Not much difference except your preferences here. Sunline brands are very dependable like Jigger 8 HG.

  14. Sacen

    Cool, thanks for the recommendations

  15. Sacen

    Hey Totos

    Thank you much, just received my stuff from you this morning.

    Just wondering what leader strength you use on a Shimano Ocea EX8 PE2.0 ?

    • Totos

      Thank you very much Sacen.
      I use Seaguar FXR or Sunline Black Stream Mark X for leader. #10 or 40lb is my standard.
      #8 or 32lb when I want to cut the influence of the current.
      #12 or 48lb when I take a shot at a big one and when I want to really stop the fish before touching the edges.

  16. Gregor Dezman
    Gregor Dezman04-14-2014

    Hi Totos, I can see, here is a lot of discussion… 🙂 I’m sorry if I’m off topic, since I’m a shore jigger and this is a vertical jigging web page, but it is the most sophisticated blog-webpage I have ever seen (found), since I started shore jigging, which is 5 years now. I can’t stop riding it. Yesterday all night, today almost the whole day. I can’t belive its extensiveness, perfectiveness and expertise!! It really has every detailed information a jigger needs to know. A question regarding knots is the topic I’m not fully aware of. Untill now I used a double uni knot for PE and Fluoro line, but as I can see your recommendation, it is not very suitable, if by any chance, hook a big one. The problem is, I simply can’t learn how to do an FG knot. I get lost in the video as I get lost from the picture instructions. But I won’t give up. There is the question in my head. Since I’m a shore jigger, needing to achieve long casts in order to reach deep waters, Is it suitable to have longer leader (you recommend 5-8 m, for better balance with the big fish)? I mean, If I have this length of the fluoro-leader, it means the knot will be wound up on the reel before casting. As we know casting a jig of 80g brings a lot of force to the rod, consecutively to the rings as well. Can the knot damage the rings during casting heavy jiggs? Thanks. Regards. Gregor

    • Totos

      Hi Gregor.
      For casting, I think FG knot or PR knot is essential. Just changing your knot would improve the distance and reduce troubles. So good luck. There is an assist tool for FG knot as well that might help you.

      The normal length of the leader for casting game is the double the length of the rod. I’m sure you swing the jig backward before your cast. If you have longer leader, you will sacrifice your distance. You’ll also sacrifice the jig movements. Instead, you will have less risks of losing to the bottom edges and better chance to bring home big ones. It’s the dilemma you play in.

      But like I said, changing your knot is the first thing you should do. For the distance, for less troubles, for more chances to catch big ones.

      Good luck!

  17. Gregor Dezman
    Gregor Dezman04-15-2014

    Hi Totos. Thank you once again, but you didn’t answer the (for me) important question: Can the knot damage the rings during casting heavy jiggs with a heavy force? Untill now I used just 1m long leader, which means the knot never got inside rings, neither by castin, nor retrieving. But if the leader is twice the length of the rod it means the knot between the main PE and the leader Fluoro is by the reel spool before casting!!

    • Totos

      Hi Gregor.
      I have never casted a heavy jig like yours before. So I can’t be sure, to be honest.
      It depends on how you cast too. But with FG knot and the proper casting, it’s possible to have longer leader, at least up to 40g jig in my experience.

      Hang the jig at the level between your reel and the first guide ring. Swing the jig as far backward as possible. Start casting slowly and accelerate at the release point, using the centrifugal force.

  18. Ben

    Have u tried this know.I have used this knot for over 10 years have not had it fail me yet.
    ► 2:52► 2:52
    Nov 1, 2011 – Uploaded by thefishermanmagazine
    The improved Albright knot is an excellent way to join mono to braid. You can get a smoother …

    • Totos

      Hi Ben.
      I added the chart in the article to compare how much line strength different knots can maintain.

      Albright knot has the leader bent 180 degree at the tip, and that is the weakest point.
      But I’ve never heard of this chemical to soften the mono. It makes sense. Along with the glue, it’s maybe good enough to cover the weak point.

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  20. Fred

    Hi Totos,

    First off thanks for the reply in the slow jig rod section! You are a great help especially since no one really fishes this style in the westcoast of the U.S. After reading through your blog in its entirety, I came to a realization that you guys use very thin braid (PE # 2.0 or less-that’s equivalent to 20lb test on avg.) All the reasons for using such light line presented here make sense from the slow jigging principles. I’m curious however, how do you deal with the thin braid digging into the braid on the spool when pressure is applied to your line either by fighting a big fish or a snag on the bottom? There is a generally accepted train a thought at least here in the west coast that you don’t want to put braided line under 30lb to prevent line from digging into itself on the spool. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

    • Fred

      Forgot to mention that my question only pertains to conventional reels 🙂

      • Totos

        Hi Fred.
        You are exactly right about being careful with the light line on the spool. Slow pitch jigging is a study to maximize the contact rate in vertical game. And the light line is the key factor for direct control of the jig. Every other factors have been taken down to the ground and built back up on that foundation by Sato Sensei.

        As for fighting fish, we don’t do power fight as I described in my fighting strategy articles.

        As for breaking the snag, we never use the spool. We use a rubber stick to hold the line. See my facebook post.

        Also, we use extra caution when loading the line. #1, keep a constant tension. #2, try not to cross the line on the spool.

        By the way, PE1.5 can be as strong as 33lb (Shimano EX8) and 30lb (YGK X8). PE2.0 can be 40lb these days.

        • Fred

          Thank you for the very insightful reply! I guess i will have to spend some $$$ on some good quality braid 😉

  21. Muhammad Ibraheem
    Muhammad Ibraheem09-07-2015

    Totos,Daniel and Kitidas Punyashthiti thank you for the info..
    i m from maldives and here we have lots of ways for fishing.. mostly we too uses those knots yet we never knew there names.. so once again thank you for such a informative web page.. and i m ready to share what i have got with me..
    guys keep fishing and smile more.

  22. Darryl

    Hello totos. I am a big fan of slow jigging and in need of some queries to be resolved regarding this subject. I would like to have a chat with you can i contact you somewhere? Maybe facebook? Or anything.. Thanks for all the information and education on this website, it is so helpful! Wish to hear from you thanks 🙂 Darryl from Malta.

    • Totos

      Hi Darryl.
      Thank you very much for your interest. It is my pleasure to help people enjoy this game. However, because I do other daytime jobs and there are always time difference with everyone, it’s difficult to chat or talk live. I’d like to communicate with emails. Use the contact form for the initial contact and we’ll go on emails.
      Thank you.

  23. shushi

    Ho toto

    Any comment about ygk g-soul super jig man x8?

    • Totos

      YGK makes good PE lines. No question about it.

      The reasons why I recommend EX8 and Super Fireline are:
      #1, They don’t stretch.
      #2. They cut through the water.
      These features will make it easier for you to have direct control of the jig.

  24. Yitman

    Hello anglers! Regards from Canary Islands!

    I want to ask about the knot used on the reel, specially a slow pitch jigging reel.

    What knot does everybody uses there?
    I mean for braided lines.


    • Totos

      Do you mean a knot for PE line to the reel spool? Nothing special. I use double loop and uni knot.
      Whatever pulls out my line all the way down there, I will cut the line before it crooks my reel.

      • Yitman

        Ok Thank you very much Totos! I was afraid of line sliding in the spool much more than breaking the line. If it is going to break it will break. Ok then it is not required any special knot.

        Thanks again and hope you have great fishing times!

  25. volans

    Hi toto, any recommendation against toothy fishes? I lost my jig twice last time.

  26. NR

    Hello Totos, greetings from Borneo..
    Ive been thinking about which braid to use for next season as i need to change it. Im thinking to buy berkley superfireline usa but the diammeter as you stated is different from japan spec, measuring 0.20mm for pe2 while japan spec 0.235 for pe2, should i get usa spec 0.23 for pe2.5?

    And, have you or your friend tried daiwa jbraid before? Im sorry if someone already ask about this before.

    • Totos

      Hi NR.
      I have checked with Berkley Japan and they told me that US PE2 is the same product as Japan PE2. But Japan measures it on their own and US measures it on their own.
      I do recommend Fireline Colored. Coloring is really important in slow pitch jigging because you would want as much information as possible to know how far you are from the bottom. Fireline Colored is made by Berkley Japan only.

  27. Brad

    When you have lost a few hundred meters of line and want to top up the spool. Wondering what knot do you suggest to join braid to braid?

  28. Overseas971

    Hi, very interesting post. But I wonder what is the real benefit of the TN knot compare to the Palomar knot for example which seems to be more discret.

    • Totos

      Palomar knot is very strong too. Easy to knot and easy to tighten. About 90%, as strong as TN knot.
      But just like TN knot, you should be careful to have the double line crossed on the metal.

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