Ebing: A little plastic lure for a big tuna game


Our readers have picked it up. Some of these few information have travelled overseas. In Japan it’s a little popular in some places. It’s always nice to have a couple of these rigs when you go popping and jigging for tuna. I don’t know if this is known to the world, or maybe not at all.


It’s called Ebing

It is a little plastic lure game to catch big tunas.

It has been invented by local fisherman here in Okinawa. And Mr. Seikai Murakoshi, Daiwa instructor, has refined the method. The fisherman told him that he tried for the fun of it first but it turned out that it was devastating for the commercial fishing.
Japanese fishermen don’t use nets for tunas. Always with the hooks. Damaged skin never sells in Japan fish market. There are some other fishing methods they use, but they found that this little shrimp looking plastic can do better than anything else.
Mr. Murakoshi did some tests and improved the system. He named it “Ebing”. Ebi means “shrimp” in Japanese. “Ebing” is his coined word, meaning “shrimping”. It has become his favorite game.


Mr. Murakoshi’s tackle


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, there’s a straight wire rig with a jig on. The jig pulls down this rig to falls in a horizontal position when you drop it, keeping the hook away from tangling with the line.

The jig doesn’t have hooks. It’s a weight. It also attracts fish from a distance.

But when the fish approaches, what’s attracting is the little plastic that’s tailing the jig. Fish bites on the plastic. The plastic can be single or double, but just hooking at the tip for the best swimming form.

The jerking is just like any high speed to medium speed jigging. Jerk, reel, jerk, reel, pause… jerk, reel. something like that. Can be by the spinning or by the overhead.

It’s extremely effective with tunas. Yellowtails and amberjacks too.


The straight wire rig is 30cm long or 40cm long, selling at about JPY600 here. But you could make your own.

You might as well try, huh?

  1. Turkish Angler
    Turkish Angler03-30-2015

    Dear Totos San,

    I did not find straight wire rig on your shopping section to buy. Would you help me about it.


  2. Maldivian Angler
    Maldivian Angler07-09-2015

    I was wondering how you can put 600m of PE 6 on Daiwa Saltiga 6500H, is it a custom spool? does it has to be a high speed reel? Thank you

    • Totos

      Sorry, that’s 400m of PE6.0. My mistake.

  3. snack

    What kind of rod do you suggest for ebbing?

    • Totos

      Any normal jigging rod will do, spinning or overhead. The rod actions are not so essential in this game. The jig will not work as it usually does anyway because of the wire rig. The jig just needs to flush and stir the water to attract fish, and free swimming plastic lure is for the bite.

      • John

        Hi Totos!
        Your site really changed my fishing horizons! Slow pitch jigging proved to be extremely effective in Mediterranean species too and offered me many beautiful moments out in the sea! Thank you so much!
        So I really “listen” to you carefully! Lately I began to think ebing as a substitute for slow pitch jigging and a way to change my fishing methods,in order to let my fishing grounds “rest” a little from being fished exclusively with spj.
        So I came up with questions and thoughts…
        1.Tunas,especially blue fin ones and amberjacks are very clever.Little silicon shrimp on a big hook would definitely make them suspicious….You wrote that it’s a very productive method.So I have to believe and I will tell you my experience.
        2.Do we jig exactly with the same crazy way like vertical jigging or slower to let fish see the minor shrimp ? Do we jig vertically too?
        3 . How many cm is the shrimp?In case I cannot buy directly from you,due financial restrictions to Greece, do similar silicone lures work?
        4.For the same reason,can you describe the metal wire jig is being positioned,to make it myself?I am asking that because I cannot understand from pictures how jig is hanged and because I ‘very seen some angled wires…Is there something different with them?
        Thank you once again!
        PS;I believe that ebing would be effective for bottom fish too!

        • Totos

          Hi John.
          Thank you very much for your read. I totally agree that we always want to have alternative games.
          With Ebing, you don’t have to be vertical. And when you are not vertical, you need to reel fast for some extent in order to move the jig. If you reel too slow, the current just pushes your line to hang the jig. But a little suspension or slow pitch actions in between fast reeling is effective to give a cue to the fish to bite.
          The plastic lures we use are about 9cm to 10cm. Any plastic would be fine, I guess. Darting type like DR Stick is believed to be the best. It’s the type that darts and slides to the side when you give a jerk. You know what I mean? One type that does not work for sure is the kind that spins. Fish never bites on spinning object.
          Straight wire rig is supposed to do, #1 when you lift it, it aligns the jig and the lure in one straight line and #2 when you drop it prevents the trailer from tangling up with the leader.
          Yes, I’ve had many groupers on ebing. The chances are only the first 5 meters off the bottom. Sometimes it’s more effective than slow pitch jigging.
          Good luck!

          • John

            Thank you so much for the help!Meanwhile I managed to find Dr Stick lures!I want to practice the technique exactly the way Japanese anglers do. Two last questions my friend!
            1.The jig is hanged exactly in the middle of the wire and why some wires I found on Plat.co.jp are angled?
            2. Which is the best time to use this technique? For example do you think It’s a good idea to get close quietly to surface feeding tunas and jigging there or fish will ignore a jig playing in the middle water,while food is on surface?When you choose this technique?
            Thank you very much for the support! The first tuna pic will be posted to you!

            • Totos

              Hi John.
              1. No, the jig is supposed to be at about a quarter from the leader side. Otherwise, the wire will be aligned almost vertical when you drop it down. The idea of the wire rig is to prevent the trailer from tangling with the leader. The wire rig can be in any shape, I suppose, if it suits to that purpose.
              2. Just like when you do jigging. Never done it to the surface. You can’t cast this rig because of the trailer.

  4. John

    Thank you Totos!Yoy completely anserewed the first question.I understood that ebing is not a casting game. What I want to know is when you choose ebing as the main technique. You have to see fish first offcourse. That is done either by sight, when tuna feed on surface, either on sonar screen.The first is much easier. So I plan to get close to the feeding school and let the jig sink near them. When fish quit the hunt, sometimes due to engine’s sound, they will dive and perhaps they will be attracted by my jig . Or not? Here tuna in case of surface feeding will ignore anything different from what they feed on, such as poppers, jigs, minnows etc. Ebing has a chance but I doubt whether fish will dive deeper to take my bait.What do you think?
    Than you for you patience!

    • Totos

      Hi John.
      I believe fish always attack from below or at least from the side and that they never attack from above.

  5. Kin Lee
    Kin Lee07-21-2016

    Hi Totos San,

    I am Kin from Hong Kong.
    I would like to try plastic lure for tuna fishing in Payao on Okinawa sea.
    Any fishing charter you would recommend for me?


    • Totos

      Hi Kin.
      Yes, sure. I can arrange the charter for you.
      Send me a message and I can discuss details.

  6. Kris

    Hi Totos,
    Your page is amazing and your posts are so insightful. Do you have a FaceBook page?
    I live in Okinawa and have been deep see fishing for about two years now on a regular basis. I have targeted and caught yellow fin, katsuo, big eye, wahoo (sawara), rainbow runner, and of course mahi (shira). I would like to fish for Amberjack or some other large species. Can you recommend any captains? I live on the east side of the island, but transportation is not a problem. Thanks, Kris

    • Totos

      Hi Kris. It would be nice to go fishing with you. Yurika and Murubushi are popular. Amberjack season will start around September. It you get a group, I will help you book the charter and I can go fishing with you.
      I have a facebook.

  7. Bartman


    My rod is rated for up to 200 gram jigs. Does an EBing set up change the maximum jig weight (due to resistance and movement etc)
    Thanks for the article and any additional information!

    • Totos

      The jig weight rating doesn’t tell me much because the rating really depends on what kind of actions and what game the rod designer had in mind. You can still use 500g jig with that rod without damaging the rod. Also, the action greatly depends on what kind of the water situation you are in too. 200g rating doesn’t mean much.
      Ebing is basically done in a high-speed jigging manner. The trailing plastic has such a long leader with no weight at the end that the rod action doesn’t really make much difference. Any jigging rod will do. As long as you are comfortable with the rod in action, that will do.

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