Slow-Pitch Jigging

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Slow Pitch in Depth


FAQ about Jigging

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  1. Wei

    Hi Totos

    Any review on the new Poseidon Longfall Jerker rods?

    I am looking at this model. It works the same as the Slow Jerker PSLJ603-4?

    Thank you.

  2. Jonathan

    I am a fan of Japanese fishing methods and gears and would love to try your jigs.

    • Totos

      Thank you for your comment Jonathan.
      I appreciate your compliment.
      Looking forward to your future order!

      • Jamie

        Hi how do I place an order for your products, I can’t see anywhere on the page where I can select and checkout
        Cheers, Jamie

  3. Fadil

    Hi i need to know which method is best of the best when tying to a jig or lure…
    Shall i use swivel or tie directly to a jig or lure…
    And if i were to use wire cable tie to a jig or lure which is the best…
    Please advice….

  4. Mahdi

    Hi Toto,

    I would be jigging at depths of 120 to 170 m?

    What messiah jigs weightage would u recommend for beats propagate long fall power 4 reel?

    • Totos

      Hi Mahdi.
      It depends on the water influence, but probably 200g to 300g Messiah can reach the bottom.

      Long jig like Messiah is basically for high pitch jigging. Especially Messiah is famous for the longest sliding ability to swim on its own, which requires the strong punchy pitch. Long fall jerker it too soft to do that.

      But Messiah is actually used as a slow jig sometimes. Without punchy application or strong setting, simply lift and fall. It falls to slide to the sides. It’s a creative application. So you may want to try that with your rod.

      But If you haven’t tried Gawky and Cranky, they are the first you should try.

      • Mahdi

        Hi Totos,

        Thanks for the reply. What would be the rrcommended high pitch rods ?

        I have seen this from luxxe gamakatsu. But still unsure if its a high pitch rod.cause i dont ubderstand japanese. Thanks

  5. elico

    Greetings! I wanted to know whether it is possible to fish jigging or slow pitce in the night or no benefit from this type of fishing And if so, at what depths possible so desirable?

    • Totos

      Hi Elico.
      Slow pitch works at night too, if there’s active fish around. Depth? It works where the fish is!
      Good luck.

      • Boeds

        I just wanna add, my fishing trip mostly start from afternoon and end tomorrow noon. It has been proven many many times that slow pitch’s also effective in the night. In fact, my experience, night time is more effective than day time. Target fish : barracuda, spanish mackerel, big eye, etc.

  6. indra fardian
    indra fardian01-06-2017

    Hi toto, thank you for this guide that really helpful for us, i notice that you said we can do jigging at night.. my question is is there any spcecific color metal jig that is effective for night jigging ? And also can you give explanation about GID color vs UV bright color, welk im confuse about it

    • Totos

      Hi Indra.
      I don’t know what you mean by GID color. I assume it’s glow color. It’s luminescence. It stocks light and releases light in delay. At night, you need to light the jig for a while before you drop into the water, otherwise it won’t glow.
      UV color is what reflects Ultra Violet light, which penetrates through the water well, and that’s why the water looks blue. So UV color won’t reflect anything at night.

      I don’t think fish who are active at night really don’t rely on color or light. But billions of deepsea creatures are bioluminescence. They use bacteria in their bodies to generate light. And they travel up to the surface every night, and back down at dawn.
      I don’t think night predators rely on colors, but glow colors should look very familiar to them.

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