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Keep it rolling for 2017

This was my second day out this year. I really wanted to get the action back in my bones because I felt a little shaky in whatever I did on the boat on my first trip. Off we went on Kou Maru.  My first ride on this boat. This is one of a few boats that operate on the east coast of Okinawa island.  The fishing field was pretty close, within 90 minute range away from Naha area.  The captain said we were going to hang around mostly 200m.   We stopped around 130m first.   I got a little amberjack, which I released. Slow Jerker 603-4 Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG Supre Fireline #2.5 Seaguar FXR #12 SFC Arc 230g   The boat was silent for a while until I brought a 2-meter red stick on board. SFC Abyss 290g on 603-4, at 200m deep. Red Cornetfish is slimy any yucky.  But this fish is priced very high for high-end Kyoto restaurants.  Sashimi is good.  Soup is good.  The fine oil has a little sweet taste.  Only thing you should concern is that, if you heat it for too long, the meat gets firm easily. The disappointment was that you only catch this fish when the tide is not moving and fish is not active.  We knew the tide was loose, judging by the water resistance on the line, and this catch confirmed it.  One of my fellow anglers got another cornetfish, and the captain decided to move on to deeper. …

IMG 1586

The first jigging trip of the year 2017

I was finally able to go out fishing!!!  (January 3) It was my first trip of the year 2017, and also the first time since the last April.  It was such a long time since the last time I fished, and I was even confused with what to bring to the boat.  Well, I brought everything I need for fishing, but I didn’t bring any camera… Sorry.  There’s no photo except this one which my friend took for me. The tide was loose all day.  We were around 130m to 160m area.  140g jig can easily reach the bottom.  But the fish was not active all day. I tried everything, got a few contacts and it was by slow pitch with rather heavy jigs of 230g and 260g.  The other anglers on the boat got only a couple of amberjacks, mainly with small light jigs in fast jigging approach.  I decided to stay with slow approach with heavy jigs.   At 130m, I got a  big hit with 260g Arc on 603-4 just before, and I just couldn’t hook it.  Disappointed, I changed to Abyss 230g on 603-4 with PE2.0.  I was about 10 cranks from the bottom when the fall stopped, and I cranked up about 5 times to hit this fish and hooked. It was 6-kg Longface Emperor, Lethrinus olivaceus. This is one of my favorite fish!   It’s a great fish in any cooking.   And I got a little Golden eye jobfish, Pristipomoides flavipinnis This …


Trip to 400-meter Deep

We took a ride on Yumeno Maru. 3 hours north from Okinawa island to Okino Erabu island. It’s full in summer now. Summer tide makes it hard to do jigging. This was probably my last trip in the season.   We came here to do 400 meters deep. Looking for some ruby snappers, one of the most delicious, and expensive, fish considered in Okinawa. I need to give at least 3-hour range rod actions along with 1 or 2 full cranks of reeling since I must have so much line slack in 400 meters of water.   I got a hit about 10 meters above the bottom. That was right after I got off the snag at the bottom. Rod. Highpitch Jerker 600 Reel. SOM Blue Heaven L120Hi Line. Super Fireline Colored #2.5 Leader. Seaguar FXR fluoro #12 Jig. Seafloor Control Arc 400g (proto) Hooks. Cultiva Jigger Light Hold 5/0 (front) and Shiwari 5/0 (rear) At such depth the contact felt so faint, but I could definitely tell that it was a fish. It took me about 15 minutes to bring it up carefully. I was not too tight on the drag because, whatever it was, I didn’t want to tear off the lips and lose the fish. But the fish fought back well all the way, even close to the surface. It made me think that it must be a Ruby. The fight was so heavy and so long. …


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  1. Kobi Shalom
    Kobi Shalom09-09-2014

    Hi Toto,
    I want to say thank you for all your efforts on this web site.
    I found slow pith very interesting on my kayak fishing,
    After reading information and discussions on this site i started,
    Working and fishing with this style.

    I filmed my fishing trips and tried to shape my style on each trip,
    The success come quicly! So .. I want to say Thank You again 🙂
    Attached video from my last trip dedicated to you.

    With Regards,
    Kobi Shalom

    • Totos

      Hi Kobi.
      I watched you video. Nice catch! It looks like you got good rod actions going there.
      But it looked like your line was going down really sideways. It would help you a lot more if you can stay a little more vertical.
      Do you use a sea-anchor? Even dragging a bucket may help you. Kayak is under a lot of influence of the wind. It would improve your productivity very much if you just have the counter-measures for that.

  2. frenzyhook

    Nice…. Learn a lot from reading your blog.may I know what your favourite jig. What type and color most effective

    • Totos

      Hi Frenzyhook.
      I don’t believe there’s no BEST jig or color. It’s very important to have varieties of jig weights and types, and you choose them purposefully with the adequate action tone.

      Personally, I use all the SFC jigs in one trip mostly. Rector, Abyss, Arc are probably the most frequent jigs I use. But it doesn’t mean they get the fish I catch. Amberjack may have been caught around the active school of fish with Spunky on energetic tactic. Grouper may have been aught when there was no fish action with Gawky on fall tactic.

      Hope I’m making sense.

  3. Kobi Shalom
    Kobi Shalom02-23-2016

    Hello Totos,
    Few weeks ago I went out with my kayak to test my slow pitch jigging skils ,again :-), Fish’s was small and most of them released back to grow. after watching the GoPro video I found setisfied progressive with my slow pitch technique and again! I feel need to share it with you and say again Thanks! Thanks for high quality information you share on your web site and on YouTube, information that make us grow.

    Best regards from israel,
    Kobi Shalom

    • Totos

      Hi Kobi.
      Thank you very much for sharing your video.
      I can see that you are playing different rhythms and actions. That is very good to see. Especially on kayak, only limited range of rod angle is available for actions. Enjoy fishing and keep up your good work!

  4. C

    Hi Toto,

    I have recently started getting into slow jigging and have a Shimano Ocea Calcutta 300hg and a Storm Adajo, i normally fish at 30m-50m will this rod and reel work?
    What PE line and which jigs do you recommend?

    I have always wanted to get a conventional overhead but have concerns with reels with no level wind, can you please let me know of your thoughts?


    • Totos

      Hi C.

      Storm rods are not available in Japan and I can’t make my suggestions on that. Sorry.

      Ocea Calcutta 300HG is one of Sato Sensei’s favorites. He uses it in the shallow waters like yours, and when he doesn’t expect any big fish. Targeting small groupers and other dermersals.

      But here’s some ideas on why Sato Sensei doesn’t use level winder for open targets.

      The one without the level winder just needs a little line management when you collect your line. Not necessary during actions. It’s not much especially in the shallow waters like yours.

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