Come to Fish in Okinawa!


Captain Goofy on Murubushi

I arrange fishing boat charter in Okinawa with my field guide with Captain Goofy.  Murubushi is a very popular fishing boat in Okinawa, off Ginowan Marina.  Captain Goofy is a leading angler himself in various fishing games.  His expertise and passion is what makes Murubushi so popular and trusted by local anglers and visiting anglers.  His experience will take you to the hottest spots for any styles of fishing Okinawa has to offer.  Beginners, families, fishing maniacs, and professionals, come to enjoy or learn fishing in Okinawa.

Find Captain Goofy on Murubushi on facebook.  @murubushiokinawa



Slow Pitch Jigging?

I’ll be happy to give you hands-on lectures on slow pitch jigging. There are so much you can’t learn from reading the text.  Amberjack and groupers are the main targets here.  Usually around 80m to 150m.  Of course, hi-speed jigging is also welcome.
Jigging season is from September to June.  April and May are the best season.  Max 8 anglers per boat.

For those who are interested in boating in the vertical alignment, it will be very educational to learn directly from the captain how to operate with the spanker sail.


Bottom Fishing?

So many kinds of groupers, snappers, emperors are the common catch from Okinawa seafloor. Average size will be 1kg or 2kg, but make sure your line is always tight because there’s always chances you encounter aggressive big games in the shallow reefs like big fat grouper, coral trout, amberjack, and dogtooth tuna.  Typically, anywhere from 40m to 100m deep, but we can be flexible for your requests.
Bottom fishing is good for all year around.  Max 8 anglers per boat.

We can do Ruby Snappers in 200m+ of water if you like!  (2-hour range charter)

(Shown in this picture is Pale Snapper, a close relative to Ruby Snapper.  And I caught it with jigging from 400m deep.)


Oyogase Fishing?

The name “Oyogase Fishing” literally means “swim bait fishing”.  First we catch little bait fish like goat fish or fusilier in the shallow and keep them alive in the tank.  These fish are strong against water pressure change and we let them swim on the hook as a bait.  Big groupers, amberjack, and other aggressive predators are expected.  We call it Light Oyogase when we use bait fish under 20cm.  Full-size Oyogase uses over 30cm scad and mackerel.  Powerful reel and rod with a soft rod tip are required.

Good for all year.  Max 8 anglers per boat for Light Oyogase, 6 for Full-size Oyogase.

See more details on Oyogase Fishing in one of my reports.
Murubushi 2-day Trip


Deep Eging?

Okinawa is a center of Deep Eging for bigfin reef squid.  A lot of Japanese anglers come to Okinawa in hunt for monster squid over 5kg.  The usual depth is about 30m to 100m.  Can be done in a short range from Ginowan.  The season is from December to early June.  Max 8 anglers per boat.


Tuna Fishing?

“Payao” is what we call the deepsea buoys which Okinawa has about 100.  Anchored from hundreds of meters deep, Payao attracts a lot of Pelagic fish, tunas especially.  Popping, jigging, no-sinker bait fishing for an exciting game.  This is a good opportunity to try Ebing too.  Payaos are in 2-hour range.

Great from April to November.  Avoid Typhoon season (August – September).  Max 6 anglers per boat.


GT Popping?

Sub-tropical Okinawa is the most popular field for GT in Japan.  Enjoy coral reefs and drop-offs.
Only available in in 2-hour range.

Great from April to November.  Avoid Typhoon season (August – September).  Max 4 anglers per boat.



murubushi price list

  • 1-day trip charter within 1-hour range, JPY80,000 (green area)
  • 1-day trip charter within 2-hour range, JPY100,000 (pink area)

*Charter fee is the same no matter how many people in the group.

Standard charter time is 10 hours between 6:00 and 18:00. But we can be flexible to your requests.

  • Light spinning tackle rental, JPY2500 per person
  • Slow pitch jigging tackle rental, JPY2500 per person
  • Electric reel tackle rental, JPY5000 per person
  • Battery rental, JPY500 per day
  • Bottom fishing bait, JPY1000 per person / day
  • Payao license fee / Long distant trip, JPY5000

Bring your own drinks and lunch.

Fishing rigs and sinkers can be arranged. Please consult with Totos beforehand.
Styrofoam boxes and freezer space can be arranged if you want to bring your catch home in ice or frozen.

Island stay trip
  • 2-day Island Stay Trip, JPY210,000.
  • 3-day Island Stay Trip, JPY320,000.
  • 4-day Island Stay Trip, JPY430,000.
  • 5-day Island Stay Trip, JPY540,000.
  • Lodging (double occupancy), JPY5,000 per person / night.
  • Foods, JPY5,000 per person / night.

*Charter fee is the same no matter how many people in the group. The lodging and food fees are per person.

We will travel 2 hours and fish around an isolated island called Aguni. And we stay over night on the island.  You can get hot shower, sleep on the bed, have dinner with your catch, and the next morning you are already right there in the abundant fishing grounds.  What’s good about this plan is that, as long as you stay on this island, you can fish close and around the island in most weather conditions and they are premier fishing grounds.
Foods include restaurant dinner with your catch (drinks not included), food box for the next day’s breakfast and lunch on the boat. You just need to bring your drinks, snacks and first day’s lunch. There’s a little store on the island where you can buy some groceries.



murubushi facts

  • 50 feet.
  • Holds 8 anglers comfortably.
  • Has cabin with 4 x comfortable car seats with air conditioning, microwave, and hot-water heater.
  • Electrical flush toilet.


Meeting Location


Cordinates:   26.276263411889673, 127.72989992280577

There’s a little roundabout where you can park when you turn at the signal into the marina.  The entrance to the marina is locked early morning.  We get together here and the captain will open the key for us.



Booking and Payment

Booking is recommended 3 month prior to your charter.  Booking will be confirmed and held when you send me the receipt of your flight booking.

1 month prior to your charter, I will send you an invoice from PayPal for JPY10,000 per day of charter as the downpayment.  This downpayment will be put forward to the cancellation fee if you cancel the charter for your convenience.  No cancellation fee before 1 month prior.  JPY10000 per day after 1 month mark.  Captain may have to cancel the charter due to bad weather and any other safety issues.  In that case, we will refund your downpayment.  The rest of the fee can be paid on site, Japanese Yen only.  If you wish to pay by your credit card, we can do thru PayPal interface.  4% card payment fee will be required.


Dinner With Your Catch by Totos

Sometimes I open pop-up restaurant. I can cook a dinner for you with the fish you will catch.
I will be using my friend’s cafe in Okinawa city.
It will be JPY6000 per person, excluding drinks.
This is the article on my food blog.
Full Of Okinawa

The food will be basically Japanese style, sometimes with influence of other cuisines. It depends on the fish and the season too.

Dinner will be the next day of the day you return from the fishing trip. I will be fishing with you and I need a day to prepare.





  1. Trey

    Hi just found your website and I’m really enjoying all the great information. I’m currently living in Okinawa and would really like to set up a trip in the fall most likely. I would love to get tips and learn how to slow jig correctly as well as try some oyogase.

    • Totos

      Hi Trey. Thank you for your interest.
      That’s great! You are living in Okinawa. You should enjoy the fishing boats which keeps you very vertical while you are in Japan. It’s very hard to find in anywhere else in the world.
      I’ll be happy to show you slow pitch jigging and Oyogase fishing. Send me an email for more information.

      • Trey

        I will be sending you a email soon. I’m waiting on my fishing gear to arrive front he US

  2. Aganis

    I wish I could try this trip someday.
    Is there any regulation about how many fish we can keep ? How about fishing licence ?

    • Totos

      Hi Aganis.
      Thank you for your interest. There’s no regulations for the quantity. No fishing licence.
      But we encourage anglers to release juveniles or whatever you can, and keep only what you can consume.

  3. Eric

    For the slow jig fishing what weight would you recommend? And what particular style of Sea Floor control jigs would you recommend?


  4. JoCTY

    Hi Totos, i’ll be heading to Okinawa for the 1st time sometime next month. Can u propose which are the best tackle shop in Okinawa that is worth a visit?

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