Will a slow pitch jig work with a single hook, top and bottom?



Slow Pitch jigging recommends to use double hooks, both on the head and the tail of the jigs. Total 4 hooks.

Will single hook work?

Well, there’s no answer or right way to do slow pitch jigging. Every choice we make has some advantages and some risks. Understanding the physics and making conscious choices is the heart of slow pitch jigging. And if the fish likes it, that’s one answer.

I’ve seen slow pitch experts select single hooks on slow pitch jigs sometimes. I’ve never had a chance to ask the reasons, but it seems like they do so with sliding jigs. In Seafloor Control, Spunky and Rector. A strong Setup (lighter jigs or heavier rod) and a punchy (high pitch like) application.

Every experts say the hook setting changes the jig movements. Only way to find out is to go to a pier with your bunch of tackles, dance your jig with different settings and see for yourself. “There’s no shortcut”, they say.

Now I haven’t tried single hooks. So, only I can say is to try to see it for yourself.

Why double hooks in the first place?

doublehookassembling 2We can talk about this to help you get some ideas.

All the jigging methods used to use a single hook on the head. And no other fishing methods use this kind of double hooks. So you can see that slow pitch jigging evolved this way particularly and it must have done it for reasons.

Slow Pitch uses light hooks. All the popular slow pitch jigging hooks try to be light and strong as possible. They work on the materials and the shapes for better hooking, penetrating and holding.

Light hooks are easy to be swallowed. Some fish just slash with open mouth. Some swallow with a gulp of water. Some pick and peck the bait. Slow pitch can target such a wide range of targets. You can hook even a pecker like a filefish. Hairtails sometimes do not even try to swallow, but to swing by with an open sharp teeth to damage the bait. These light hook can hook such swing-by. A heavy hook would not be able to hook like that.

But light hooks can be too weak to hold on to a big one, no matter how hard the hook makers try to make them tough. Sure. So we make it a double. 2 hooks will split and share the burden. Plus, if they are set pointing to each other and hook from both sides of the fish lip, that is pretty much a secure hold.

Hell Hook, that’s how we call it. We put the double hooks on the head and the tail. Because the fish tends to bite on the front of the movement. But how the hooks work is that the one double hook gets somewhere at the month, and the other double hook gets somewhere in the front half of the body, and just “hug” the fish with 4 hooks. 4 hooks assist each other by dividing the force to hold. It’s pretty common to break one or two hooks in a fight with a 20kg fish, but you are still able to bring it home with remaining hooks.

This is how slow pitch evolved this hell hook system. It is the effort to maintain the lightness of the hook and the capacity to hold the big fish.

The system has risks also. To reduce risks, we set up the hooks as we do like using fluoro cored PE assist line for the head hooks.

When you use single hooks, what advantage does it bring?

What kind of hook do you use to suit that purpose?

These are the questions I would ask the experts. But they might just answer, “Use your thinking.”
They don’t mean to be hard on you when they say this. They mean they don’t have answers. They know well enough. When they are successful with single hooks, it does not mean they would have been unsuccessful with double hooks. It just happened to be successful that time. And it doesn’t promise your success the next time. The fish always gives you answers.

  1. Peter

    I catch more big fish with single hook versus double hooks. Reason is shorter down time removing single hook. Having double hook does NOT double your hook- up rate.

    • Totos

      I’m happy that you have found your way about hooks.
      I’m not arguing which is better.

      The idea of double hooks is to use light wired hooks for maximum hooking ability. And in order to back up the weakness of light wire, double hook system was created.

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