What to do with slashers like Spanish Mackerels and Wahoos?


Some fish has nasty teeth and cuts off leaders and hook lines.
Yes, I hate it when it happens. None gains.
Sometimes it just happens and there’s nothing you can do. But sometimes you go after them because some of them are really tasty. What do we do to bring the fish and your jig both home?

I caught Sato Sensei answers that in his jigging workshop.


Use a wire leader.

If you use a wire leader, the contacts would probably be 1/5 of the number of contacts you would get with fluoro leader.  It’s “The less metal in your system, the more contacts you get” principal.
But if you use fluoro leader, you may catch only 1 out of 5 contacts. You lose a lot of precious jigs and also lose a lot of precious time in making your system over and over.
Have 80cm of wire at the end of your leader, and you will bring your jig and fish both home.

The other alternative is to have 5m of fluoro #10 or #12 as usual, tied to 2m of fluoro #20 (70lb to 80lb) at the end.  It’s weaker than wire leader but stands much better than #12, and you lose less contacts.

There’s ASS professional double hook with PE hook line and wire going through it.
A pair of double hooks with PE – wire line is available at JPY998.

Sorry, this product is out of production.

Don’t make fast actions.

Mackerels don’t suck in the bait. When they become frenzy in hunting, they dash to baits with their mouths open. They don’t even bother to aim and bite to catch their preys. They slash with their teeth and come back to collect them.  They attack, and they collect.  They are 2 completely different behavior.  The attack is when we have the leader cut.
So don’t make fast actions. Fast actions switch them on.  Once they are turned on, they will come fly to slash at your jig (and your leader).   If possible, you would want other anglers on your boat to do that…  You want to make slow actions and perform a damaged victim.  Invite the collect part.

It’s also said that you should not make sliding actions. Giving the punch and the line slack makes the jig slide. But this line slack catches a lot of those teeth. Control your line slack in lifting (right after the pitch) and falling.
  1. Kitidas Punyashthiti
    Kitidas Punyashthiti09-09-2013

    I would switch to my spinning rig, put on a raider jig and crank fast!! Hahaha.

    • Totos

      I agree Kitidas.
      These fish are very risky targets to drop your expensive jigs to. And they bite on anything anyway when they are activated, aren’t they?
      I’ve luckily happened to catch Wahoos with Rector and with Messiah. But if I know there were Wahoos underneath, I don’t think I would drop these jigs. If I put wire leader on, I might not be able to contact more desired fish underneath, like groupers and amberjacks.
      If I specifically want to catch a Wahoo, I would put on a cheaper jig, the expendable, on the wire leader. Hi-speed jigging to start to get them activated. And then slow down to collect.

  2. Ed Cheong
    Ed Cheong09-09-2013

    Fantastic advise once again.. I learnt something new from this website every time.. 🙂

    • Totos

      Thank Ed.
      Someone asked me this question and I made it a post. This is what I’d like to do. A lot of information can be shared, but I don’t know what to post. Your questions are more than welcome!

  3. peter

    u use which knot to tie new heavier leader to original leader 。。。。。uni to uni or something else?

  4. petermegle

    This website is best for slow jigging!!!

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