FAQ: What jig weight is best for 50m to 80m of water?


There’s no absolute question on what jig works. The bottom line is, you never know until you drop a jig and fish makes a bite.

Before slow-pitch jigging, they used to say that you use jig weight like this: 80g jig for 80m of water, 120g for 120m. Now we don’t believe that anymore. We sometimes use 300g jig in 100m of water and also in 70m of water. Last year my friend caught a 20kg cod with a 300g Gawky at 70m of water.

The balance of the jig and the rod works the same in any depth, and that pretty much determines the movements of the jig. It is so important to match the jig weight to your rod in accordance with the kind of movement you want to play.

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So no matter what the depth is, choose the settings you can be specific with.

The jig can work as long as it can touch the bottom. And you want to keep your line going straight down, as much vertical as possible. That is the minimum requirement for the jig weight.

Try different jigs, different settings, different places, until you hit a successful pattern. And today’s successful pattern can be useless tomorrow. That’s the game.
The slow-pitch jigging gives you the framework which you can build up your game in.

There’s no mighty jig that works every time. There’s no principle that gives you one right answer. Trust your senses. Give your thinking. Be flexible. Look at a thing in different ways. These are the things the game is challenging you to do more.


  1. Mahdi

    Hi do u have pictures or videos on how to rig up your jigs ?

  2. Totos

    Hi Mahdi. Thank you for stopping by.
    There’s some video to show Sato Sensei and my friend angler. He’s the best jigger around here.

    I recently bought a GoPro camera. I’m going to shoot my demonstration and post up the videos this month. Stay tuned!

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