What is the meaning of “pitch” in slow pitch jigging?



In slow pitch jigging, what is the word “pitch” actually means literally?

Yea, right. Thank you for asking the kind of question that people may hesitate to ask by now.

Sato Sensei named it, but he doesn’t really speak English. I doubt if he speficically means something by “pitch”. But I know that he doesn’t like it when people call it “slow jigging”

What I think he was trying to describe is:

Slow pitch lets the rod kick back and pitch (throw) the jig. He designed Slow Jerker to bend deep, and kick back slowly and strongly. The pitch is slow. The kick back rod action slowly accelerates the jig and throws it in curve to hang free in the water. That is the heart of slow pitch jigging.

The other way to look at it is the “tone”. Jigging is a series of action, one up and one down. In slow pitch jigging, the tone of the action is low (slow). In high pitch, it’s high (fast)

He doesn’t want it to be called “slow jigging”, because reeling is not necessarily slow. Jerking is not necessarily slow. But there’s always a suspension between your every actions and this is when the rod kicks back slowly to “pitch” the jig. So the tone is slow.

There was no such suspension in conventional jigging. Now we call it hi-speed jigging. Remember how we did it? If we do it in slow speed, would it be “slow pitch jigging”? … No. It wouldn’t be. That is why he doesn’t want it to be called “slow jigging”.

Hope it helps you understand more.
Thank you.

  1. Anthony Dillon
    Anthony Dillon10-17-2015

    Totos – your explanations and lessons on slow pitch are fantastic , extremely informative , thank you

    • Totos

      Thank you Anthony. I’m glad that the information is helpful. Good luck!

  2. Elias

    Dear Totos Hi Hope you are well . We have a joke in medicine after complicated explanations. Before you explain what “pitch” means I was confused. After your explanation I am still confused but on a higher level !!!!!! I hope you get the joke. My friend Totos the ONLY way that your fans get all these meanings is to shoot a teaching video !!!!! Which you have promised a long time ago !! A video in English !!!!! It does not matter if its an amateur video. You have to shoot it. Its time !!!!! Otherwise why don’t you put english subtitles to the Sato Sensei video??? Best regards from Crete. Elias

    • Zul

      Agree with Elias

      • Totos

        Hahaha! I know I know I know…
        Do I look like a doctor who gives complicated explanations and keeps the patients in the fog so that they wouldn’t know what I am doing?
        Ooops! I forgot you’re a doctor. No offence!
        It’s nice to hear from you anyway Elias.
        Thank you for your encouragement. I will keep whipping my butt to move forward.

  3. William

    A very simple and practical explanation..
    I will use your jigging technics on a practice next month.
    It will be my first time using OH tackle to do jigging..

    I will post the report to you if it succeeded.. Hehe.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Totos

      Good luck! Everything will improve by tries and errors.

  4. Anthony Vlastaris
    Anthony Vlastaris02-04-2020

    Is there any contradiction between the meaning of “pitch” as described above and the other,”1 pitch= 1 full turn of the reel” ?
    Thank you !

    • Totos

      “Pitch” often refers to one circle of actions, which are reeling, rod lifting, holding up and falling.

      • anthony vlastaris
        anthony vlastaris03-06-2020

        Totos,thank you very much again!

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