This is how you fight with a big fish


This is a video of my friend catching a 48kg Dogtooth Tuna this year.

Date April 29, 2013
Field 230m deep, Okinawa
Fish 48.5kg Dogtooth Tuna
Fight Time 23 minutes
Rod Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-6
Reel Shimano Torsa 16
Line Shimano Ocea EX8 PE2.0
Seaguar FXR fluoro leader #12
Jig Seafloor Control Gawky 300g Pearl White Glow
  1. Daz

    Wow! amazing capture!

    I know what it’s like trying to land a 25kg doggy on heavy gear.

    Great effort!,

  2. Daz

    Hi Totos
    Just wondering about your friend using the Torsa reel in this case.
    Any particular reason for the choice? I’m thinking maybe for extra line capacity.
    What do you think? I like the Torsa but question the balance on a slow jerker.

    • Totos

      Hi Daz.
      A sharp question!
      Torsa 16 is, gear ratio 5.8, speed 108cm per crank, 824g, while OJ2000NR-HG is gear ratio 6.2, speed 117cm per crank, 555g.
      Torsa is a very powerful and fast reel. Even though it’s a heavy reel, It works well in high pitch jigging in the deep. High pitch requires strong impacts in each pitch, and when you need to give it to a heavy jig like 400g, Torsa has a big advantage with its power and speed.

      This guy always has Torsa 16 with High Pitch Jerker 410. He should have this day too at 230m deep. But somehow he changed it to 603-6 for long-fall with Gawky. This is what people like him does to catch monsters. Intuition.
      Torsa may be too heavy to do slow pitch with many manipulations, but it’s not much of a problem for simple long fall at 230m deep and its power will bring a big advantage for lifting up a big fish, or even a big jig.
      He has 600m line on every reels, so the line capacity is not the issue.

  3. Daz

    Thanks for that Totos
    I’d love to own the same reel for the very same reason but it’ll have to wait a while.

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