The first fish on slow pitch


Here’s another new slow pitch jigger in the Mediterranean, Israel.

Itsik’s tackle
Reel JM PE #2
Line Super Jig Man X8 PE #1.5
Leader Seaguar FXR fluoro #8
Jigs Seafloor Control Rector 180g
Location 30m Deep Israel

Hi Totos,

This is my first report for Slow Pitch Jigging from Israel.
My name is Itsik Bar Siman Tov; I am a Friend of Samuel.

Thanks to Samuel, I discover this site and starting from this moment, I am in love.

Last Friday I go to fish, I met Samuel before going to sea and he gave me a new Seafloor Control Rector 180g.

I go to my first Wreck of the day on 30m deep water, start to play with Slow-pitch, Long Fall Jerks…
I got a phone call from other angler, when I start taking with him he hear me Hook my first Fish on my New Rod.
It was so excited; the first fish to catch on my new rod is White Grouper it is a gift from the sea.

Have fun with the Movie:

I remember my first fish on slow pitch very well too. It was a 2kg amberjack.

You shared that whole moment with your friend on the phone. I don’t know but it seems that fish hit you sometimes when you are not expecting at all. It’s like one of those times when you release your tension after a couple of rounds with fully charged spirit.
Maybe it’s an energy thing. Focus can bring contacts, but charge can scare them away, it seems.

Anyway, congratulations Itsik!


  1. Mark

    Hi Itsik

    Congratulations on your first fish. It’s a great thing that you have it on film so you are able to look back on that moment. How do you find the JM pe2 reel I have seen them in our local tackle store and they look very good and nice and small. Keep up the good work and enjoy every trip on the ocean.


    • Itsik Bar Siman Tov
      Itsik Bar Siman Tov01-05-2014

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your reply.

      The JM Reel is very good, but i think to buy the Ocea Jigger 1500 because of his 97cm per crank.
      the JM is below somthing like 80cm~

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