Slow Pitch Jigging Workshop in Okinawa?


Okinawa jigging
Hi everyone!

I opened this site in February. I’m really happy to see how it’s progressed.
A lot of anglers from around the world have checked in and shared with us such enthusiastic questions and opinions. Even though I’m just an amateur angler, I’m really happy that the information I’m sharing on this site helped people expand and improve their jigging game. I’ve helped people shopping to set up the tackle, and I’m just really happy to have so many angler friends.

These days I hear some of our readers say these.

I want to really see the live demonstration of high-pitch, slow-pitch, and long-fall.
I want to experience what it's like to do jigging from a spankered boat.

And now, one of the readers dropped me a mail to tell me that he is coming to the next Osaka Fishing Show in February and he wants to come over to Okinawa for some jigging!!

I say, “Sure!!! I’ll go fishing with you!!!”

This is so cooool! I actually get to meet and go fishing with my angler friend who learned slow-pitch jigging through my site. This is awesome!
But then I started thinking that I want to show him the real pro. I’m just a weekend jigger. He’s coming all the way here and I want the real pro to show him how it’s really done. Plus, we need a couple more people to share the charter boats anyway.

Why don’t I organize a workshop so that other anglers might join too?

So I called Mr Hirota, the leading slow-pitch jigger and the owner of Seafloor Control. He replied right back, “Sure! Let’s do it.”
So there it is.

Slow Pitch Jigging Workshop in Okinawa

This is still just an idea. If anyone is interested, please send me a message and I’ll keep you updated and share FAQ with others on it. The actual enrollment can be done a lot later.

Feb 8 Sat. Osaka Fishing Show
Feb 9 Sun. Osaka Fishing Show
Feb 10 Mon.
Feb 11 Tue.
SPJ Workshop LAND class

Lecturer: Kazuhiro Hirota
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
# of participants: 3 to 6
Price: JPY5,000 ???

  • Basic principals in slow pitch jigging
  • How to use each jigs
  • Bring your tackles for check up
Stay in Naha
Feb 12 Wed.
SPJ Workshop Field practice

Lecturer: Kazuhiro Hirota
Time: 6:00 – 17:00
Price: JPY30,000 to JPY35,000???
# of participants: 3 – 6

  • Demonstration of slow-pitch, high-pitch and long-fall
  • Fishing with the coach
  • Celebration Dinner with your fresh catch
Stay in Naha
Feb 13 Thu. Stay in Nago
Feb 14 Fri.
Fishing Trip

Time: 6:00 – 15:00
# of participants: 2 – 6
Price: JPY15,000 to JPY20,000???

Stay in Nago
Feb 15 Sat.
Fishing Trip

Time: 6:00 – 15:00
# of participants: 2 – 6
Price: JPY15,000 to JPY20,000???

Stay in Nago

There are still a lot of arrangements to be done. I need to leave them for now to the future updates. Send me a message if you are interested. I’m sure you have a lot of information and arrangements you would like to request. I’d like to build up this program on those requests.

I’m sure it will be a lot of fun if this really happens!

What do you think?

  1. Arfan

    Sounds awesome, how many people do you need to get this going?

  2. Kitidas Punyashthiti
    Kitidas Punyashthiti08-30-2013

    I probably will not make it to this pro seminar, but I’m trying hard to find a way to be fishing with you in Okinawa next year. And Totos, you are a slow jigging pro on my list 😉
    Best wishes,
    Kitidas P.

  3. Daz

    I love Japan and would love to return with my family some time soon.
    Jigging with the pro’s would be amazing.
    One day it will happen.

    Being a boat owner here in a very fishy part of the east coast, I’d like to extend the return invitation to you and a friend Totos.
    Expenses would be minimal although you may very well return to Japan with a very light jig bag, unless you can stop the monsters……:)

  4. Totos

    Hi Arfan.
    The lower number of “# of participants” is the minimum number of people required for this to happen. Hope you can join!

  5. Totos

    Hi Kitidas.
    Thank you for your compliment. But I’m really not a pro. Hirota san is just an amazing angler from another world. There is still a lot of time. Keep crossing your fingers!

  6. Totos

    Hi Daz.
    Stop teasing me already mate! I said I would come to Australia someday and I will. Just leave some of those monsters for me.

  7. Sean

    Good day Totos and everyone,
    This is a really nice trip arrangement for meeting and learn how to slow pitch jigging.
    I would love joining this trip if I could possibly get the permission from my wife LOL.
    However, the sharing knowledge from this website is vital for my first jigging trip that will happened on this October at the gulf of Thailand. The depth of water is about 50-80 m. I’ll jigging around Gas Platform, which is plenty of fish.
    Actually, I travel in Japan every year, and every time stay in Kawaguchiko as my wife requested.
    I have never gone to Okinawa, but possible would be happened next year. The end of this year I’ll go to Kawaguchiko again LOL.
    After my first jigging trip, I’ll post and share my experience.

    • Totos

      Hi Sean.
      Thank you for your interest in this game and the trip. I hope the information on this site will help your jigging game.
      The key to this game is to stay vertical with your jig to take full control over the movements. That is why we drift with the current by canceling the wind influence by sea-anchor or spanker. It will probably be difficult if you are on the boat that stays close to the gas platform which is grounded to the sea floor. The current will carry your line away and that will cancel every slow movements you make. Hi-speed jigging will work better in that situation. But try to have some moments of suspension or falling during your hi-speed jigging and see if that triggers them to bite.
      Good luck on your first jigging trip! Looking forward to hearing from you again.
      And enjoy your trip to Japan too. Kawaguchiko is a nice place with Mt. Fuji always in your view. I hope your wife is well taken care of and happy enough!

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