Slow Pitch Jigging Video Gallary


8kg Amberjack

May 2013

SFC jigs to catch various fish

June 2013

SFC Gawky and Spunky

November 2013

High Pitch demonstration

Nobember 2013

SFC Gawky and Rector

December 2013

SFC Gawky, Rector, Cranky, Spunky, Daiwa TG Bait

January 2014

High Pitch Jerker 600 actions

May 2014

Slow Jerker 603-6 / L120Hi / Rector 230g / 120m deep / Coral Trout

December 2014

Highpitch Jerker 501 / Marfix N4 / Messiah 260g / 150m deep

December 2014

Slow Jerker 603-6 / L120Hi / Rector 230g / 120m deep / Tomato Rockcod

December 2014

Slow Jerker 603-6 / L120Hi / Rector 230g / 120m deep / Green Jobfish

December 2014

Slow Jerker 603-6 / L120Hi / Rector 230g / 100m deep / Longface Emperor

December 2014

High Pitch Jerker 600 at 170m deep

June 2015

SFC Abyss and Arc

March 2016

32kg Malabar Grouper

May 2017

The Captain of Kyoei 3 made a video for me.

Ike Jime closing

June 2013
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  1. Mark

    Hi Totos
    Cant believe I only mentioned another video in my last email to you. Congrats on a great catch with perfect weather for fishing. I know you haven’t been out jigging for a while and it looks like it was worth the weight.


    • Totos

      Hi Mark.
      Thank you for your comment. I was just editing the video when you emailed me. Yes, I finally did go out. Thank you very much for your encouragement.

  2. mbam

    Any other reel that can be use for slow jigging?
    Interesting topic…

    • Totos

      Hi Mbam.
      I’m writing a post on the reel. Give me a little more time.

  3. mbam

    Thanks Toto, currently eyeing at Release Reel SG..

  4. Mark

    Have watched this video so many times now and just picked up on your comment about using the wave to your advantage whilst using long fall. Makes a lot of sense I think it would help get into I nice steady rhythm and slow things down ? Brilliant work

    • Totos

      I’m glad you picked that up. Yes, I haven’t emphasized that much but I think it’s always important to synchronize your actions with the waves.

  5. ergdgergoey

    Why he is keep hitting one the boat with rod for the fast action video?

    • Totos

      First I’d like to swing full range from 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock. Secondly, if I knock the boat, it’s easy to maintain the rhythm of my actions.
      Mr. Hirota of Seafloor Control taught me this technique.

  6. joe har
    joe har01-24-2017

    20m deep…how to slow pitch.? is it working with slow pitdh jigging..?

    • Totos

      Hi Joe
      Are you saying that you are fishing at 20m deep and wondering if slow pitch jigging can work in that depth?
      Well, I think, and a lot of anglers believe, that it’s much more effective if you cast the jig and play the diagonal game under 30m depth. Or micro jigging will do well too.

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