Slow Pitch Jigging in New Zealand


We have a report from Kevin in New Zealand.
I’m so happy for you Kevin. Without anyone around you who you are learning this new game from/with, that is a great success!

Tackle Info
Rod Synit X-Jig H slow pitch rod – NZ made ( )
Reel Shimano Jigger LD
Jigs Seafloor Control Jigs range from 160 – 300g


Hi Totos

Just want to report back on the success I’m having with the gears I bought from you. Estimate 16kg King Fish in New Zealand.

Slow pitch jigging are getting more popular in New Zealand, but still it’s not as specialize as what you guys do in Japan.

Retails in New Zealand are only carrying butterfly jigs from Shimano and Daiwa which they use to target snappers. Jigs can get up to 300gm but people here are not informed about slow pitch jigging.


It looks like a Rector that’s hooking with the rear hook.

Nice presentation of sashimi too! You prepared it very carefully. I think it’s very important as the raw meat can look too wild when it’s done in a clumsy way.

Is it warming up in New Zealand? The sashimi doesn’t look very fatty from the picture. Does the season effect the amount of fat that the fish carries? Or is there cold currents for the fish to keep the fat on all the time?

  1. Kevin

    Hi Toto

    Thanks for the compliment. Actually still learning on how to make Sashimi I can’t keep a bit of skin attached to the meat…

    Yes that’s the Seafloor Rector, it was the first jig I use and the king seems to like it.

    It’s actually summer here and the fish are not as fat as it is in winter.

    Heading out again this weekend hopefully weather is good.


  2. Totos

    Hi Kevin.
    OK. So the season does effect fish diet in New Zealand too, despite the ever present cold currents.

    I know. Leaving “the silver” on is the art of sashimi. It takes practice and a sharp knife. But you had the beautiful fish and a good sake. What else do you need?

  3. Kevin

    Yes the season dose effect the size here. The area were I normally catch kings are smaller in summer and bigger in winter.

    True Sake with Sashimi is always a great treat.

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