Slow Pitch Jigging in Malaysia


We have a report from Mario in Malaysia.

Mairo’s tackle
Rod ?
Reel Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG
Line ?
Leader ?
Jigs Seafloor Control Rector 180g


Hi Totos!

I just got back from my fishing trip at Pulau Jarak here in Malaysia.

I am CONVINCED by slow jigging! It just works! Before the trip, I managed to get myself an Ocea Jigger 2000 but could only find a cheap jigging rod that doesn’t have much bounce to it. I’m still on the lookout for a better alternative here in Malaysia.

Anyway, even with this mismatched setup, I was still able to land 5 fish and missed a big one that managed to unhook itself.

We were fishing in relatively shallow water…around 60m. I decided to go with the Rector 180gm and proceeded to try the long fall method described in your website. I tried slow-pitching, but the rod was just not reactive enough. It bounced back so quickly that it almost felt like speed jigging. With the long fall technique, I made sure to be extremely deliberate and moved very slowly. After each lift, I only cranked 1/4 turn.

It worked! In less than an hour, 5 landed. The first 2 were very small (one was only slightly larger than the jig!) and thankfully managed to release without much harm. They were both lizard fish.

The 3rd one landed is the first photo I attached. This proves to me that slow jigging works so well because this fish (we call it chicken fish in Malaysia because the meat is quite firm) has a tiny mouth and there is no way it will go after a speed jig. It got hit by 2 of the hooks and was a pleasant surprise!

The 4th one landed was a large 2kg squid! First time I ever caught a squid on a large metal jig! We didn’t take a photo because it was busy decorating the boat with ink!

IMG-20140916-WA0041m-The last one I landed was a golden snapper…a rather small one but so satisfying on this method. Usually with speed jigging, the jigs are worked out of these bottom dwellers strike zone. This slow jigging method is PERFECT for these!

Unfortunately, the current picked up after this and I could no longer keep the jig vertical…looks like I will need to get a few heavier jigs from you before my next trip! With the fast current also came a small school of Spanish Mackerel…I didn’t want to lose my precious new jig to these line cutters!

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and advice with me. I made sure to read and read and read your website to try and remember everything and it is so satisfying to see that it really does work!

With sincere thanks and best regards,

=== Catches ===
golden snapper
lizard fish

Congratulations Mario! Lizard fish? Filefish? Squid? If you start hooking those fish, you are definitely getting slow pitch going. Sooner or later, you will be hooking the kind of fish that other anglers would long for.

I assume you were fishing on a free drifting boat with no sea-anchor? If that’s the case, your decision on 1/4 crank per pitch was a brilliant intuition. The current pushes the line to bring up the jig anyway. I would jerk the rod sideways, following the extension of the line going into the water, maybe without any reeling even. And I would try to move it in the widest swing possible in order to have the maximum fall time. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m sure your application was right on the money for that circumstance.

I wish I could see your decoration of the squid ink! I’m sure it must have been very Zen looking 🙂

Now you’d better get yourself a descent rod and heavier jigs!
Good luck!

  1. Mario

    Hi Totos! Didn’t know you were going to put up my amateurish write-up! Haha!

    You are right – we were free drifting at the time. I will definitely try jerking the rod sideways next time.
    Ah…Filefish! At first glance, I thought I caught a triggerfish, but its body was more elongated and it didn’t have that trademark ‘trigger’ on the top of it’s head – only a soft, thin thorn-like appendage.

    The squid ink? Haha! A lot of it ended up on my wife and we took a photo. I will ask her if she is gracious enough for me to send it to you!

    Some additional info: Mainline – PE3 (might consider changing to a PE2 in the future, but the reel came with free Shimano Ocea PE3 so I decided to stick with it for now.)

    Leader – 40lb Flouro

    Let me know if you ever plan to visit Malaysia – we’ll go fishing!

    Thanks again!

    • Totos

      Hi Mario.
      Thank you very much for your follow-up! So you didn’t have slow pitch elements. Your boat was free-drifting. Your line was PE3 that catches more water. You just had Seafloor Control jigs and OJ2000, but you still pulled that off! I want to see how you did it!
      I’m sorry I thought you were sending your report to post. Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.
      And I hope your wife will like slow pitch jigging too.

  2. Mario

    Hi Totos,

    No worries about posting the report 🙂

    I think a couple of things worked in my favour:
    1. We were fishing in relatively shallow water – 50 to 60m…and the 180gm Rector had no problem staying vertical.

    2. The current was quite slow in the beginning and there was very little wind. If you look at my photos, you will see that the sea is so calm…almost like a mirror. It was truly a great day for fishing…but it was very hot!

    3. We had a very experienced captain who knew exactly when we should drop our jigs. Everytime the boat moved too far out of position, he would tell us to reel up and then re-position the boat. It would be interesting to see if boats in Malaysia eventually start using that sail method you employ in Japan. That sounds like an excellent technique to employ.

  3. Mario

    Hi Totos,

    I finally managed to a Slow Jerker 603-4 and will be heading out to sea in a few days time. Can’t wait to use the new rod and will let you know my results when I’m back.

    • Totos

      Congratulations Mario! You’ll enjoy this razor-sharp hyper-sensitive stick. Looking forward to more reports!

      • Mario

        Hi Totos!

        The new rod is amazing. It completely changes the way I am able to move the jig.

        However, the last trip out was not very good. Current was very strong and it was really hard to stay vertical. I only managed to catch a small grouper (less than 1kg). We did do some bottom fishing and ran into a cobia frenzy – we landed 6 and had to stop as there was no more space in our coolers! They were quite big and the larger ones were around 20kg each.

        I will be heading out again in 2 weeks time…hopefully conditions will be better!

        • Totos

          You like Slow Jerker huh? Good! Razor-sharp, isn’t it? If you pay attention to all the information the rod tells you, you can really talk with the rod.
          Good luck! Looking forward to your next report!

  4. Khengnian Chan
    Khengnian Chan01-01-2015

    Hi totos, I am a malaysian. I am interested in slow jigging, how can I contact mario? To learn from him more conveniently.

    • Mario

      Hi Khengnian,

      I am still learning and only consider myself and absolute beginner at slow-pitch jigging. The best advice I can give you is to read everything on this website….and then read it again! Seriously, all the information you will need is here. Also watch Totos videos on his Youtube channel.

      In any case, I told Totos that he can pass my contact info to you so feel free to get in touch with me! Always good to meet a fellow angler!

  5. Totos

    Hi Khengnian.
    Hmmm. I don’t think I should involve in personal interactions.
    But let’s see…

    Mario! If you are OK to be contacted, send me a PM!

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