Slow Pitch in Australia continues to be successful


Thank you very much for your 2nd report Ben!!!

Hi Totos,

I’ve been having a ball with these SFC jigs! To remind you, I have the 603-6.
Rector has consistently been my favourite in the 70-100 m zone, with some more snapper and pearlies. Even mahi mahi have found it irresistible, with a small mahi double hook-up on one jig causing chaos! Heaps of fun.

But more excitingly I’ve recently being going deeper, out to almost 300m. Cranky 230 kept me busy with nannygai and a nice 6kg kingfish, but yet to fully master the demersals which have only fallen to baits. Seems at that depth, the slower drop means the nanny’s and kingfish get to it before the cod. Thanks for the advice about the heavier Gawky, I’ll report back soon! And sorry about the bloody kingfish shot… those assist hooks you sent are just so sticky I don’t trust them anywhere near me with a lively fish attached!


The kingfish was cranky 230 glow, on 603-6, with a diawa saltist 30, 30lb aussie platypus jigging braid, and 40lb leader. in 250 m depth. I’ve gotta get me a narrow spool reel. Too much line management with the saltist.



If you are going deeper than 130m, you gotta depend on Gawky. You can’t perform small actions in that deep water. But fish down there are not so selective with baits. Gawky’s automatic falling actions will bring you contacts! That is why Gawky has the lineup up to 900g. Try out 300g, 350g, or 400g and you’ll see!!!

  1. Daz

    NIce work Ben,
    Do you have any pics of nannys?

    • Totos

      What are you referring to by “nanny”?

  2. Youngie

    The Saga continues,,,

  3. Daz

    Hi Youngie,

    What do you mean by “saga”?

    Are you enjoying the benifits of the slow pitch jigging?

  4. Ben

    No pics of the nannies. Next time. Too excited about other species when I was there. Itching to get out again and try out my reel upgrade – JM powerspell PE4 high gear. very pretty reel, hopefully as good as it looks and feels.

  5. Youngie

    Saga is a cognate of the English word say: its various meanings in Icelandic are approximately equivalent to “something said” or “a narrative in prose”, somewhat along the lines of a “story”, a “tale”, or a “history”

    The Slow Pitch experience has completlely changed our fishing methods.

    We have learnt about this technique through the pages of our Sensei’s site and it is amazing to witness the popularity of this fishing style growing everyday throughout the oceans of the world. Thank you Totos.

    Tight lines,

    Youngie <

    • Totos

      Hi Youngie.
      Actually I am really amazed by the fact that you people are getting such wonderful results with slow pitch jigging just by reading this site. That’s just how highly skilled anglers you all are. It took me a year to understand this game by watching 8 DVDs of Sato Sensei and a number of field trips. Not to mention the big investment in my tackles.

      I’m really excited with the development. But please! don’t call me Sensei!!! It’s really embarrassing. Sensei is Norihiro Sato. I’m just a translator and big fan of this game.

  6. Ben

    Hehehe… Totos, from now on you should refer to Youngie as “grasshopper”!!

  7. Youngie

    Ha! <

    Like the dark depths of the ocean,

    all things can be profound

    when viewed in the right light.

    Sumimasen Totos-san.

    • Totos

      No no, no apology Youngie. I was kidding around “Sensei”.
      It’s always nice to have your respectful and intellectual comments on this site.

  8. Ben

    Hi Totos,

    A nanny, is a nannagai, Centroberyx affinis. Also known as redfish. Great eating. Not very big, but a pretty reliable target here in water deeper than 150 m. And a perfect jerker target. They seem to also school higher up in the water column, so often when I think I’ve hit bottom, I’ve actually hooked up on the drop. I’ll send a photo via email.

    • Totos

      Thanks Ben!

      So it’s that dozen of small red fish.
      Hmmm, looks yummy as a matter of fact.
      Looks like a nice Gawky target too.

  9. Daz

    Hi Youngie,
    Thanks for that.
    I didn’t realise we’d met before…’re Dan’s decky right?
    Hope you’re well.

    Great pic there Ben. Awesome haul.

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