Cultiva Jigger Light Shiwari

JPY 540

Jigger Light Shiwari
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Introducing Taff Wire technology, Jigger Light is the lightest and toughest hook, specialized for light jigging by Owner Cultiva.
Jigger Light Shiwari is designed with emphasize on hooking the fish. It’s shaped in finest details so that just the weight of the jig makes the hook penetrate by the slightest touch on the point. The wire is round where it holds the fish in order to avoid cutting off the skin. And it’s flat forged where it doesn’t hold the fish for the maximum strength.

Jigger Light Shiwari Size 3/0 (8pc), Size 4/0 (7pc), Size 5/0 (6pc), Size 6/0 (5pc)


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