A.S.S. Fluoro Cored PE Assist Line

From: JPY 648

Fluoro Cored PE Assist Line
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Angler’s Support Service provided fluoro cored PE assist line as Sato Sensei designed it, otherwise you have to make it yourself. This is very needed when you assemble double hooks to put on the head of the jig. It keeps you from tangling with the leader, and still, it makes the hooks easy to be swallowed.

Non cored PE is to be used for the tail assist line. It’s easier to be swallowed than fluoro cored PE.

Fluoro Cored PE Assist Line Fluoro Cored PE15 x 5m, Fluoro Cored PE20 x 5m, Fluoro Cored PE30 x 5m, Non Cored PE15 x 5m, Non Cored PE20 x 5m, Non Cored PE30 x 5m


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