From: JPY 1,900

Jig Weight

Upon your order, I will email you the list of the current jig stock.  You can choose colors and we will finalize your order by emails, and proceed to payment.

If I don’t have the colors you like, I can place the backorder to Seafloor Control and this will take a couple of months (Seafloor Control supplies at the end of each month.)

Jig Weight 100g Regular, 100g Glow, 130g Regular, 130g Glow, 150g Regular, 150g Glow, 180g Regular, 180g Glow, 220g Regular, 220g Glow, 260g Regular, 260g Glow, 300g Regular, 300g Glow, 350g Regular, 350g Glow, 400g Regular, 400g Glow, 450g Regular, 450g Glow