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Arc Glow Colors

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Please be advised that Seafloor Control jigs are all hand-made craftwork. Not like other mass productions, it takes time to produce each jigs with a dozen of manufacturing processes and the final check-up takes out the productions with tiny errors.
Please note that your order usually takes 1 or 2 months. We do have some stocks but it’s impossible to have all the colors in all the weights all the time. But we usually have all the light and medium weights in stock.
When you make your orders, we’ll get back to you with a quote. We’ll let you know the estimated time of getting your orders. Seafloor Control sends the shipment at the end of each month. If you let us select your colors out of our stock, based on your preferences in your original orders, you’ll likely be able to have your orders shipped to you earlier. If you are specific about your colors, we’ll order them to SFC and they are likely to arrive on the second next shipment.

EMS Shipping

We will ship to you on EMS by Japan Post. The rate will be set by the weight and the destination country.

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Arc Glow Colors #00 Any Glow Color Available, G01: Silver Pink Belly Glow (SLPKBG), G02: Silver / Zebra Glow (SLZG), G03: Silver / Pearl Zebra Glow (SLPLZG), G04: Gold Red / Zebra Glow (GLRDZG), G05: Silver Pink Blue / Zebra Glow (SLPKBLZG), G06: Red / Circle Glow (RDCG), G07: Silver / Glow (SLGL), G08: All Glow (ALLGL), G09: Silver / Pearl Dot Glow (SLPLDG), G10: Smoke Pink / Zebra Glow (SMPKZG), G11: Chart Yellow / Zebra Glow (CHYLZG), G12: Chart Pink / Zebra Glow (CHPKZG), G13: Chart Orange / Zebra Glow (CHORZG)


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