It’s a Gawky kind of day…


It’s Ben from Australia.
Way to go Ben!!! Seafloor Control Gawky does it again.
300m deep on the continental shelf? Wow, that is not an easy game. And with such a small boat too. Great job Ben!!!

Ben’s tackle
Rod Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-6
Reel JM powerspell pe4hg
Line Swage PE3
Leader 40lb Jinkai
Jigs Seafloor Control Gawky 260g Glow

Hi Totos,

Send me more gawky! haha!!

Thanks to your help Totos, I have been enjoying some memorable fishing moments lately. We had a brief break in the weather here and headed out wide again.

Fished about 300 m of water, and it was on! Gawky was the star of the day with numerous kingfish up to 10 or 12 kilos, nannagai and flametail snapper = sore arms! Check out the photo of slow jig Vs speed jig and look who’s smiling… again.




  1. Mark

    G’day Ben
    Wow that ocean is flat as, how many km off shore until you hit 300 meters ?. Brilliant fish I bet it was fun bringing 12 kg kings on the slow jerker. I managed to get out and have a go with the Gawky jigs the other day. The have a great flutter action on the fall and out of all the jigs I’ve used they just seem so easy to slow pitch with. What I found is the heavier jigs helped to slow the action down which made it feel just right for long fall as well. Looks like you had a great day out wide with some awesome fish wish I was there, it’s nice when everything goes to plan.

    Regards Mark

  2. Ben

    Hi Mark,

    Certainly is! Its not always as nice as this, so you’ve got to appreciate it when you get it. We’re about a 30 Km run out to the shelf, and I’m in a 4.5m tinny, so it takes a fair bit of faith in the forecast. We also make a habit of fishing two boats – for safety. For slow jigging there’s not much else other than long fall that you can do when you have so much line out (check out the vids on Daz’s channel), so taking the advice from Totos and choosing the right jig paid off big time (thanks again Totos!). Very lucky to have conditions that let us put a 260 gram jig down to that depth. Its commonly un-fishable due to the raging currents.


  3. Mark crewe
    Mark crewe11-11-2013

    Wow I thought the boats looked quite small that’s why I questioned how far out from shore, that takes some balls. I notice yr using pe 3 I just got some shimano braid pe2 from Totos that is 40 lb and it really is amazing can’t recommend it enough. I had my seven yr old daughter trying to snap it for a $50 bet she only managed it after sitting on her ass and putting her feet against the bed. Think it would be a great choice if yr fishing in 300 meters ?
    Can’t wait to get out fishing again. Catch you later mate

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