Great success in Western Australia


Here is Tien from Western Australia
Congratulations on your success!

Tackle Info
Rod DAIWA Saltiga, DAIWA Catalina Bay Jigger, YAMAGA Galahad, TEMPLE REEF Mytho.
Reel SHIMANO Ocea Conquest, SHIMANO Calcutta, DAIWA Ryoga.
Line Shimano FX8 Ocea PE1.0
Jigs Xesta Flaps, Damiki Backdrop and Suplex, Seafloor Control, Lamble Bait.
Hi Totos. Thought I’d share some fishing pictures. Your page has been a wealth on knowledge and much appreciated. I fish off the south west of western Australia and have had a lot of success with slow pitch and long fall techniques for demersals.

Harpuka from 280m. On the super deep jig.

Dhufish. Xesta flaps are doing some serious damage over here.

Another dhufish on PE1.0 setup. Xesta flap doing the damage.


Samsonfish on PE1.0 setup.




Plus many more…. thanks again!

  1. Jason Bauman
    Jason Bauman07-10-2015

    Very nice fish! I used to live in Exmouth, WA and the fishing up there is great! I really want to go back on a vacation to get tight on some monsters while jigging and popping. Well done!

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