Great preparation pays off! from Singapore


Here is a report from Singapore.

Tackle Info
Rod 1 Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-2
Rod 2 Yamaga Galahad 62/4
Reel Ocea Jigger 1501HG
Line Varivas PE1.5

Hi Totos,

Have been fishing recently and I did a few slowpitch trips to share!

Your website have been helping me with almost all of my stuffs, from the hooks tying to getting a right setup, alongside other slowpitch pioneers in singapore whom have helped it me as well. Check out the catches and the hooks that I tied which are a little fancier… the fly binding threads used are decent enough to take the pressure when wrapped into the kevlar with tension and I have been using for quite awhile. I am using pe lines for bigger game fish but I have not planned a trip for that yet.

Anyway I have a question that I discuss with anglers alike all the time. Why are slowpitch hooks faced inwards? Is this necessary or it can be done the same w hooks facing outwards as well? My thinking is that if its facing inwards,the hookup might be more secure esp if the tail hooks were to get latched onto the fishes body. Anyhow, I’m still experimenting on it be it inwards/outwards and will see how it goes!

Excellent tying on the assist hooks! Wow. That’s perfection.
Of course Dyneema thread would be tougher and more durable, but fly tying thread should be good enough for light games.

The question. Why the hooks should be facing inward.

There have been double hooks facing outward before slow pitch. Slow pitch uses double hooks both on the head and on the tail. Uses fluoro cored PE assist cord. And the double hooks facing inward. This is the whole system that Sato Sensei created.
The idea of hooks facing inward is to get the fish hooked by both hooks. Outward hooks may look better to hook the fish, but it’s hard to get the both hooked. Incorporating with the other double hooks on the other end, the jig literally “hugs” the fish with 4 hooks.

Check out the video how Captain Higashimura caught a 35kg amberjack.
Fish Fight Part 1: Don’t Pump Your Rod →

He had 3 hooks broken and the remaining hook was extended. This was only possible because of this system.

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