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A Huge Trophy on PE2.0

Here is an exciting write-up from Paolo in Davao Bay, Phillipines. What a great job by Ian. And thank you so much for the exciting story, Paolo. It really moves me when people try so hard to improve, not just wanting a big trophy, to keep studying and trying out after failure after failure, refining and maintaining in details, never giving up, always staying at your best even when nothing is happening, and BOOM!, just like that, seize the moment. The moment is yours, Ian. You deserve all the credit. You didn’t complain, you didn’t blame, and then this triumph is all yours. I’m very happy to be a little help to your success. You are next Paolo! and other members of Team 123! Looking forward to hearing from you guys again.


Slow Pitch Jigging in USA

Here is Bill the rod builder in USA.

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Okinawa Fishing Charter Mar 25 26 27

We went out on Murubushi 3-day island stay trip with a group of jiggers from Hong Kong and USA. First, we went to Payao, underwater buoys wired down to the ocean floor over 1000-meter deep.  Only 20 minutes from Aguni Island.  Tried casting and jigging for tunas and other pelagic fish, but nothing much.  We only caught small tuna and Katsuo.  The current was running like a river.   It’s the ending of winter tide and beginning of summer tide now.  We don’t know if that is the reason but the tide was really funny.  The current was so strong everywhere and almost all the time, sometimes stirred up in some places and running to weird direction.  The captain had hard time staying vertical and controlling the drifts to hit hot spots. But these jiggers were very skilled and enthusiastic.  In spite of the tough condition, they kept jigging and started picking up nice fish.   And BOOOM! A big bite in one of the last drifts of the day. He was pretty quick to land this 20kg class dogtooth tuna.  The new ocea jigger did a good job. Look at this tiny jig! Well, the jig can be tiny but the hook he was using was so tiny that it couldn’t penetrate. One hook had only the hook point varied in the upper lip.  But it was hooked in a great place, avoiding the teeth too. He had a …


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