Devastating Fishing in Bruma Banks


We have a report from Aidil and Pang from Singapore. They took a trip to Burma Banks. I saw the pictures of their catch and my jaw just dropped. What kind of place is??? Burma Banks??? Myanmar???
It seems that they have impressed their friends and proved the effectiveness of slow pitch jigging.

Aidil’s tackle
Rod Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-4
Reel Ocea Jigger 1501HG
Line Ocea EX8 PE 1.5

Pang’s tackle
Rod Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-4
Reel Ocea Jigger 1500HG
Line Varivas PE2.0

Location Burma Banks, Myanmar
Jigs (120gm-260gm)
Seafloor Control – Rector, Gawky, Spunky
Hot’s Conker
Damiki Backdrop

Depth fished is 70-220m with slow moving current. Although 1st night, current was relatively strong and using 220-260gm jigs.
zets 100g slow pitch R silver

Hi Totos,

Just came back from my 3 days 3 nights fishing trip in Burma Banks with 10 others. It was an awesome trip with me and a friend, Pang Satawat, mostly on slow pitch. First catch on slow pitch was a doggie. Since then many varieties of fishes were caught on slow jigs, Yellowfin, GT, big eye trevally, amberjack, skipjack, garoupa, snapper, red ruby, long nosed emperor, mangrove jack, baracouta and even a 2m white tip shark caught by Pang Satawat. The sizes also varies but mostly 4 to 5kg.

I am very impressed by the variety and consistency (depending on technique and speed of pitches/jigs) of fishes caught on slow jigs. Even though I have lost a few jigs, I am glad I lost it to fishes and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I feel that I have much more to learn and am looking forward to the next trip.



hi there totos, just came back from burma bank, slow pitch was a blasting success! it can catch anything from deep sea grouper to 2m white tip shark!


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