Bar Cod out of the deep! Australia


Here’s Ben from Australia. A good sized Bar Cod out of 250m deep! Only great preparation and application can treat you with this prize. Excellent job!

Ben’s tackle
Rod Synit Bay Action SPXH Spiral O/H
Reel JM powerspell high gear PE4
Line PE3 Swage
Leader 80lb jinkai
Jigs Seafloor Control Gawky 340g

Location 250m deep, Australia

Hi Totos!

Been a while since I have had the opportunity to get slow pitch going again. Daz and I headed out wide this week, and hit some of our favourite grounds. In the past, I have used the slow jerker 603#6, and I found at those great depths that I was wishing I had some more leverage with the rod to pull these fish to the surface. It can be exhausting! So I have given a new rod a chance. I think it’s a New Zealand brand. I bought it through a local specialist jigging supplier here in Australia.

The spiral wrap rod seems to work a treat. And the rod itself has a longer butt section than the slow jerker, which feels more comfortable on the long retrieve for a bloke with long arms (in my younger years I was likened to a spider monkey). It also seems to have a locking point on the curve to help the lift, especially compared to the slow jerker which seems to just keep in bending.

For these deep depths, it was a great combination.

So happy. Thanks again to you, Daz, Dan, and the rest of the JAS world for all the discussions and info!



You are right Ben. Slow Jerker is not always the answer. At 250m, 603-6 can be too soft. It depends on the current, and it depends on your line too. 0.5 difference in PE size is substantial at 250m. The deep jigging is all about fine tuning.
You had the heavier rod with a heavier line. 340g is not so much heavy a jig to use in 250m. And you got the answer with this combination!

Keep exploring and being creative and flexible!

  1. Graeme Paterson
    Graeme Paterson06-05-2014

    My name is Graeme Paterson from Synit Rods in New Zealand. With my daughter and rod builder Chloe I own Synit as well as being the designer of the blank and rod used in the Synit Bay Action SPXH.
    Our Bay Action Slow Pitch range came about due to requests from anglers who use the Slow Pitch method of jigging but wanted a rod that had more lift and could be used to fight from under the arm instead of having to point the rod at the fish and use the reel to do most of the work. They were finding that using this point and pull method their reels were being put under undue strain in the gearing and soon becoming noisy due to the added pressure and wear. It also felt unnatural to not use the rod to fight the fish.
    The rod they wanted had to retain the right good action to work the jigs, have power in the mid section and butt and also be light weight and a fraction longer @6ft 5in. As a design engineer this posed many problems that we had to overcome using two new technologies we have developed to reduce blank wall thickness but increase hoop strength.
    I hope the anglers enjoy our Kiwi adaptation of the Slow Pitch Fall jigging rod.

    Kindest regards
    Graeme Paterson

  2. Dan

    Nice one Ben – In 250m I have difficulty with the 603-6 to be properly comfortable with such a soft rod. I also prefer a tighter working action in that deep water. In 100m the 603-6 works great but in 250m I think your Synit looks a bit better knowing what fish are sometimes underneath. Also love the Powerspell match.

    Gidday Totos, in zero current, zero wind what do you think is premium water depth for 603-6, PE2, Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG? The reason I ask is that I have now had a couple of days with a 120g very slow leaf style in 100m where I wish I maybe had a 603-4 on the same match because of added fun factor.

  3. Daz

    Good stuff ben, It was great to see your pan for the day come to fruition.

    Impeccable camera work as well.

  4. Ben

    Hi Graeme, I am enjoying the Kiwi adaption indeed! It appears that you’ve nailed it on this one. A very comfortable rod to use. Glad I found it.

  5. Totos

    Gidday mates!
    I’m glad that you guys are already discussing in search for your own solutions at the beginning of your second jigging season with your slow pitch tackles.

    I think I can say that 100% slow pitch jiggers in Japan use the boat with the spanker now. Especially when we go deep. So I actually don’t what it’s like to fish from the sea-anchored boat at 250m.
    I can only tell you what I know. Deep see slow pitch jigging at 200m to 300m is getting very popular here, targeting gourmet fish like groupers, seaperch and ruby. You want to know what tackle we use? Typically, OJ2000, PE1.5, jigs from 300g to 400g. And Slow Jerker #3 or #4. We don’t even use #6. It’s a fall game. Supposed to be soft setting.
    But even from a spankered boat, sometimes the active water would force us to use #6 or High Pitch Jerker 600 with heavier Gawky.

    This is NOT the only right way. There’s no one right way. There are many not-wrong ways. Still, maybe there are some things you can change the way you make your actions. I don’t know.

    This is to answer Dan’s question as well. At 100m deep from a spankered boat, we probably use #4 rod the most frequently. It means it covers the widest range of tactics with different types of jigs from 130g to 300g.
    But I recommended you to have #6 rod for your first slow pitch rod. Because you are on the sea-anchored boat. I figured #6 would be easier to make actions and get more contacts in the heavy water situations. So in the good conditions, you should be able to enjoy #4 at 100m deep. But in the bad conditions, you would want stronger rod just like you would when you have 603-6 at 250m deep.

    If you want a single rod to cover all the depth and all the condition, one heavy rod would do it. But then you would lose the fun of this tactical game.

    Hopefully this year, I’m planning to go to some places in the world with Mr. Hirota of SFC to do some video shooting. I want to make a slow pitch video in English. Will you guys help us in Australia?

  6. Daz

    Hi Totos
    Of course we can help you.

    Not only do we live in one of the prettiest parts of Australia,
    we’re also spoilt with a huge diversity of species and depth ranges very close by.
    Not to mention the fact that we are a bunch of very handsome gentlemen with a
    big love of Seafloor Control jigs. 🙂

    • Totos

      Good to have you handsome supporters Daz!

  7. Dan

    For sure Totos, we look forward to seeing you both

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