Amberjack Party



We had a great weather on Sunday after the weather front passed through like a storm the week before. It turned out that it was the last day before it was announced that we came into the monsoon season the day after. I was lucky. Well, the monsoon season is not that bad actually. It just rains and it’s hardly windy.

m_2014-05-04 07.15.01

Anyway, off we go on Yuno-Maru. Leaving the north end of island at 4:30 in the morning. We are going to the deep today, 2 hours and more off shore to the north. It was my first time on this boat.

m_2014-05-04 07.15.19

Captain Uehara. He is young and very friendly. Very skilled and dedicated. I liked him very much by the end of the day.

We started out at 190m deep. These people on boat were Okinawa’s famous slow pitch jiggers, along with Mr. Ishikawa, Seafloor Control’s field tester. He was so friendly and experienced. He always has interesting and intelligible ways to explain things. He taught me a lot on the boat.

m_2014-05-04 07.56.26

Everybody was swinging high pitch jerkers with heavy Messiah on serious reels like Marfix and Torsa.

m_2014-05-04 11.12.05

I have my Marfix in repair now. It was obvious I was armed too lightly. Everyone was expecting over 20kg fish in this deep. My heaviest set was Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG with PE2.0. But what can I do? I’ll just give my best with all I got.

m_2014-05-04 08.36.00

Kamimura san, the first and the best slow pitch jigger in Okinawa, got something big. “But it’s not running much, just heavy” he was talking to the captain.

m_2014-05-04 08.41.48

What the hell?

m_2014-05-04 08.43.25

A double 5kg ambakjack. That is one productive Rector!

m_2014-05-04 08.48.00

After seeing his catch with Rector, some anglers switched to Rector and started picking up.

m_2014-05-04 12.46.59

I haven’t caught a fish at this moment. I did get a big hit and could not stop at all, got the leader cut. I used this time to switch my leader from #12 to #14.

We all were either high pitch jigging with heavy Messiah (450g+), or slow pitch jigging with 240g, 270g or 300g Rector with 603-6.

… How can I be different?

… How can I be efficient?

… How can I change?

Then I decided to go with Rector 300g, not with Slow Jerker 603-6, but with High Pitch Jerker 600. A heavy jig in a strong action tone. This choice made the difference.

m_2014-05-04 12.16.09

m_2014-05-04 12.33.18

I kept hitting 5kg size amberjacks.

m_2014-05-04 13.35.33

This one swallowed the whole Rector. Obviously the fish bite at the fall.

m_2014-05-04 13.14.52

This is what we call Ao-chibiki, Green Jobgish, Aprion virescens. Very delicate fine flesh which can be cooked in any way for everyone’s favorite.


I was racing with Kamimura san for the top rod of the day. Well not really. We don’t race.
Kamimura san is like my coach. It’s just so nice to catch fish with him. All the amberjack had the full belly. It was obvious they had eggs or soft roe, and of course a lot of fats in their bodies. It will be fancy dining!


Then I figured I had enough amberjacks. I wanted some groupers.

So I gave my hero Rector a rest and switched to Cranky. Started my falling game around the bottom.

m_2014-05-04 14.32.22

But what I get was an amberjack

m_2014-05-04 14.49.22

Again, amberjack.

Nobody on the boat was catching a grouper this day. But I saw once in a distance Kamimura san had a Cranky on. “He is going for a bottom fish too!” Gotta get this one!

m_2014-05-04 15.17.32


It was just a 3kg grouper. But it’s such a great feeling to catch what you aim to catch and build up your game for.


It was a great fun!

My biggest catch of the day was a 10kg amberjack. It happened to be the biggest catch with my Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG.

Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG
PE2.0 – Fireline Tracer Braid 15lb (USA)
Seaguar FXR #16 Leader
Decoy Pike (normal) hook 3/0
200 meter deep

…For a 10kg Amberjack

Nooooo problem!!!

I wish I could find how big the first fish I hit today was…

I think I’m putting a couple of Torsa 16 in my wishlist. It’s difficult with Marfix to do slow pitch.

  1. Mark

    Hi Totos
    What a brilliant days fishing you’ve all had. I have seen hideki kamimura’s video on YouTube and the conditions were perfect. If only every day was like that, congratulations on your capture. It must be a pleasure fishing with such accomplished anglers such as the SFC guys can’t get much better than that.


    • Totos

      Thank you Mark.
      I know. I’m really grateful that I have such opportunities to learn from these guys. And I’m sure going to share what I learn here on this site!!!

  2. Dan

    That looks like such a good fun day fishing Totos. I particularly like the job of SFC Rectos Italianos and the fact that everyone was wearing everyday fishing clothes and having a heap of fun.

    So you reckon a Torsa 16 in 200m – Why?


    • Totos

      Hi Dan.
      I want a reel to really catch a big one. Especially in the deep, we play with a heavy jig in a lot of water influence. The reel with high power and high speed like Torsa 16 comes really handy. And not like other big reels like Marfix, Torsa 16 is easy to hold with your palm. It doesn’t matter much in high pitch, but it does in slow pitch.

  3. Yus

    Dear Totos san, do you recommend torsa16 for slow pitch jigging.

    • Totos

      Hi Yus.
      Yes, Torsa 16 is a good reel. Many of us use it for high pitch jigging. I think it’s too heavy to do slow pitch with the style to keep the rod butt under your elbow. Still you can do slow pitch with the rod butt under your armpit.

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