A New Slow Pitch Jigger in Israel


We have a new slow pitch jigger from Israel. Probably the first one in the Mediterranean. He’s got Slow Jerker 603-3, Ocea Jigger 1500HG, Ocea EX8 PE1.5, FXR Fluoro #8.0, and sow Seafloor Control jigs.
Thank you Samuel for your report!
Congratulations on your wonderful debut!!! You are proving that slow pitch jigging does work in a very competitive field like yours.

Hi Totos,
I went this morning try my new set…it was unbelievable.
I never got so much contact with fish, 13 total, 4 bonito, 1 small amberjack, 3 baby grouper (released was less than 1 kg), 2 puffer fish, I lost 2 jig on Spanish mackerel, and I had a contact with nice amberjack (probably around 8kg) that I lost after few min of fight.

I love the gawky, my favorite, the rector also, but the crancky I don’t understand yet how to animate it.

Thank you so much for all, you open a new door…

I will soon order more jigs. Can you tell me also, what an other set (ocea jigger 2000 and the Poseidon 603-4 or 6) will allow me to do more. I use actually the ocea 1500hr and the 603-3.

Slow Jerker 603-6 and Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG will definitely be your second set!
Keep up your good game and send us more reports!

  1. Keyzer soze
    Keyzer soze09-30-2013

    Congrats to our new Med jigger!!!
    Where did you buy the slow jerker from ?
    Why would you choose to buy the 603-6 ALSO?

  2. kitidas Punyashthiti
    kitidas Punyashthiti09-30-2013

    Congratulations for a very successful trial. I’ll have a four days trip next month, let’s see if slow pitch jigging works in our water too.

  3. oded elron
    oded elron03-24-2014

    My naym is oded elron i am from isral to.i started laitly to do sllwo jig to with an impresive
    Ssexss,unforrchntly withaut the best eqwipment. Iam targeting umbargack. Normaly. On depth 40-90met.i have the pe4. 1:6 speed retrive 97cm per a cranke. I wolde toby an evergreen
    Rod.wot do you sagest for first rod and set of jigs?

    • Totos

      Hi Oded.
      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m glad to hear you’ve been successful with slow pitch jigging already. I also appreciate your enthusiasm to write a comment in English which you are not so familiar with. I can sure help you to set it up.

      So you already have a reel. It sounds very sufficient. But if PE4 is what you have on that reel, it’s too thick. I recommend Shimano EX8 PE1.5. If you are too nervous, PE2.0 will do.
      Now you want a slow jerker and a selection of jigs, right? Sounds like 603-4 is a good start for you.
      Send me a message from the contact form. And we’ll talk about it. Let me know if you have a sea-anchor too.

      • oded elron
        oded elron03-31-2014

        My reel is maxwii p3 with a retrev of97 cm per akranck i find it very oficent.the line i am using is Berkley whiplash crrystal 25 lb
        am olrady expecting for a603-6 rod .
        normaly i am fishing from a driffting bote
        i am after ambarjeks.Iam lwant a selection of jigs for that rod.
        pl,yor edvaic, hawo can i order?

  4. oded elron
    oded elron04-03-2014

    Hay totos
    I am expecting for that rod any day.i ordered fro e bay.plis yor edvic hawou can i bay jigs

    • Totos

      Hi Oded.
      Yes, I’m trying to help you my friend.
      I’m asking you again. Please send me your message from Contact Page

      So that i will know your email address and contact you with my suggestions.
      Thank you.

      • oded elron
        oded elron04-08-2014

        Its saying my capcha is rong.

        • Totos

          Sorry you had trouble sending your message.
          Capcha is a security check to see you are not a robot. There’s a simple math at the bottom of the contact form. You need to type in the number of the calculation.
          Thank you for all your efforts.

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