A Monster Hunter in Cyprus


Here is the Monster Hunter, Erkan, with 45kg AJ in Cyprus!


Hi Totos.
I used poseidon 603-4 that you sent me. Machine is 2001 shimano ocea jigger. Braid shimano x8p2 and deph 127 meters and the sea was smooth and no current. Perfect condition for fishing. It took 3 hours 30 minutes to get to the boat. It took me 276 meters deep but ı did not let it touch deep as ı put pressure with my other hand and the leader was not affected. Leader is seaguar fxr and ı am happy with it. It is number 10.and 44.75 kg amberjack.



  1. Lawrence Loo
    Lawrence Loo05-16-2016

    fantastic catch there mate!

    EVANTHIS LOIZOU05-23-2016

    Well done ……bravo

  3. Dewa Kesuma
    Dewa Kesuma11-28-2016

    this is superb,,,

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