9kg Coral Trout on slow pitch jigging in Maldives


Here is a report from Mohd in Singapore on his trip to Maldives.

Tackle Info
Rod Evergreen Poseidon Slow Jerker 603-6
Reel Shimano Ocea Jigger 1501HG
Line YGK PE 2.0
Leader Seaguar FXR Flurocarbon 60lbs
Jigs SFC Cranky 230g

Hello Totosan just share my catch report using Slow Pitch Jigging near Maafushi Island @ Maldives while on holiday with family .
Thank you Totosan learning a lot from your website and video .


Coral Trout 9kg .


Diamond Trevally 2kg+ .


You’ve got your new rods. And just like that, huh? A 9kg Coral Trout is a magnificent beauty! Great job, Mohd!
I bet the current is awfully fast in Maldives, and they free-drift on a big shallow draft boat, wasn’t it? How in the world were you able to get your slow pitch working in that kind of condition, I wonder.

  1. Mohd Isa
    Mohd Isa01-05-2015

    Hi Totosan as u said earlier on this website Sato said ask the Ocean . U never try u never know . Thank you for the posting .

    • Totos

      That’s the spirit my friend. Great job.

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