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Built his own spanker sail!

Here is Se Khong in Indonesia. He contacted me about the spanker sail a couple of months ago, and now he has built his own spanker on his 8-meter boat! What a great effort and challenge!!! Gotta respect that spirit.   Here’s the information I gave him. From Yamaha boat spanker sail. Yamaha Spanker Sail Good to be of your help Se Khong. Hope your effort will be paid off more and more in the future.  

Sunnamed 4

Grouper catch and cook in Jordan

Here is Mark in Amman, Jordan, reporting his catch with micro jigging and the cooking.   This is the first message he sent me. So I replied;   And here’s his second message a few days later.   That looks really good!  Congratulations. Who said you are a useless cook???   You did a beautiful job!   So aging has gone great in Pichitto wrap without drying out, huh?   Now you know how to do Ike-Jime, how to prepare aging, how Pichitto sheet works, and how to cook Chinese steamed fish!  That was a lot of lessons and you pulled it off nicely!  Way to go!  

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Great Dentex catch in Cyprus

Here is Eylem in Cyprus. Great catch!


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